Locking Down Opportunities: 3 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start in the Pandemic

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It’s been more than a year since the effects of the COVID-19 virus turned the entire world upside down. Its effects brought uncertainties in every aspect of our lives, especially in job security and opportunities. Everyone faced lengthy lockdowns stuck at home, and because of that, we all sought new hobbies and skills to keep us both entertained and productive. A consequence of this newly found passion was the question, “How can I turn this into a full-time thing?”

Depending on your situation at your job, working at home can give you more time to seek new opportunities in entrepreneurship. However, like everyone else, you will consider where you can start. What kind of home-based business should you run? It only seems logical to begin your journey in entrepreneurship with something familiar or related to the newly found skills and hobbies you’ve acquired. However, there are other business ideas you can run with that are easy to start.

Here are some profitable home-based businesses you should consider.

The Warmth of Homemade Food

Have you mastered a dish that you can call your specialty? Or maybe you found a pastry or bread that you’re surprisingly so good at making? Whatever the case may be, homemade food or artisanal bread and pastries are a delicious way to start a business.

The pandemic deprived people of casually eating out, whether it be at restaurants or cafes. Everyone is sure to have missed exploring different food from different places. People resorted to food deliveries to fill that gap in their lives, and your home-based food business can be a welcome addition to their lists.

Even if you haven’t found something that you can make yourself, there are easier ways to start a food business without cooking the food yourself. You can begin by finding booming food businesses that aren’t available in your area, supplying you with a way to partner up with them. You can then bring their already popular offerings and make them available in your local community. It’s a partnership that benefits both you and the food supplier. You gain access to the accumulated following of the business and earn off their food. The partnership helps both sides as the food supplier gets to expand by being available in more places.

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Health Is Wealth

COVID-19 is still looming around us, and this puts added pressure on everyone to avoid going out. Additionally, medical professionals emphasized that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that our immune system stays strong. A healthy body will help us fight off COVID-19 if we, unfortunately, contract it.

It’s a known fact that our dietary choices can impact our overall health. But not getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food we eat might negatively affect our immune system. A balanced daily diet that includes fruits and vegetables can provide enough vitamins and nutrients that we need every day. Unfortunately, 80 percent of Americans do not have a healthy diet. And because of that, supplements are a great way to fill the gaps in people’s nutritional deficiencies.

These are all good reasons you might want to consider a health and supplements business. You can earn while providing people with products that help them get the daily vitamins and nutrients they need for a healthy immune system. It then improves the collective health of the local community, which makes it a win-win situation for both you and your customers. But before you start a home-based health and supplements business, make sure that you acquire your products from seasoned and certified supplement manufacturers. In that way, you give customers the confidence that your products are safe and approved by the FDA.

You Are The Product

Do you specialize in something? Or do you have skills that you can offer as services? Then consider turning your expertise and services into packaged products. One of the many hesitations of customers when availing services is the conversation of “how much?” It’s always an awkward conversation in any situation. Packaged and priced services then become a much faster buy for customers over asking for a quotation. It eliminates time wasted by customers in waiting for a quote to know if they can afford your services or not.

However, it is understandable that in some services, the total cost is reliant on several factors. Most of the time, it’s due to the differing needs of each client that make it hard to package. If this is the case, you can still apply a packaged price in the form of consultations.

What’s important is that you have at least a few services you can turn into mainstay products either on your website or social media that customers can see. It makes you more approachable and eliminates putting any pressure on customers to do the guesswork as to how much your services cost. Additionally, you can explain all the intricacies and factors that can contribute to the final cost of their project through the packaged consultations. It can then result in more sales and more customers for your business.

It’s time you start your own business and turn the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic into new opportunities. There will always be challenges when running a business, but what’s most important is starting. So find something to do and don’t be afraid to start.

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