7 Handmade Business Ideas: Turning Your Creativity Into Money

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many individuals and families hard. Some lost their jobs while others closed their business for good. But if anything, it has brought something positive to the table. That is allowing people to pursue their hobbies and interests while in the comfort of their homes. But while they’re at it, it’s best to consider turning this passion into productivity and profitability.

There are a handful of handmade crafts that people can produce and sell for extra income. If you’re looking to turn your creativity into money, here are handmade business ideas for you:

1. Mask design and creation

Mask-wearing is imperative for individuals going outdoor during this pandemic. The idea is to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and prevent an infected individual from transmitting the virus to another person. That said, it’s a good idea to produce homemade masks. You can check a handful of mask designs online and consider creating a load of them. From there, you can go ahead and sell face masks in your locality or via digital channels.

2. Home Décor

Home improvement projects have spiked during the pandemic. Why? People have got stuck at home and considered improving their living spaces. But apart from major house renovation and tradesman work, many households have resorted to simple house decorations. For this reason, you may consider unleashing the artisan or crafter in you. Get into woodworking projects, house art creatives, and the production of home accessories. You can sell these home decors on e-commerce platforms and social media channels to make money.

3. T-shirt Design

With or without pandemic, T-shirts will never go out of fashion. Why? They’re considered the main staples in any wardrobe. When worn, they make a statement, thus creating people’s character and personality. It’s good to venture into T-shirt design during this pandemic. In fact, the custom-made T-shirt printing industry is projected to grow to 9.7 percent from this year to 2028. Think of your branding and the audience you’d like to cater to. Create a design and start printing shirts in bulk, then sell them. Ultimately, this T-shirt design business will provide you with a source of income.

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4. Candle-making

Did you know that candle sales are around $2.3 billion each year? It appears that seven out of ten households are keeping at least one candle at home. Not only are they used for mere lighting, but they are also used as home decors and even air fresheners. If you have a knack for candle-making, you can get creative and produce several candles in decorative bottles. From there, you can sell them to people to generate some income during this pandemic.

5. Embroidery

Creative individuals have long pursued the world of embroidery. In recent years, it has increasingly become popular in many products like handbags. Even some businesses resort to using this for their branding. As such, you may venture into embroidery for your pandemic business venture. Be sure to prepare your hoops, needles, and thread. Start with handwork by sewing patches. Finally, sell these to businesses that would like to incorporate them into their products. If boomed, this embroidery business can give you many returns.

6. Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t love greeting cards? Everyone loves to give and receive greeting cards on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and even promotions at work. For this reason, they will continue to exist and get sold to people. If you’re into paper or digital art designs and have a knack for words, you can create greeting cards. Have a monthly craft box subscription and produce as many creative cards as you can. From there, you can sell them online and make money out of them.

7. Hair Accessories

The hair is and will always be the crowning glory. Women will always experiment with their hairstyle using hair accessories. Think of wearing headbands, bows, and hair clips and how these women can transform their appearance and sport any look. That said, it’s good to venture into the business of producing hair accessories. Why? This industry is expected to grow to more than $20 billion in the next few years. For this reason, be sure to take the plunge into this business and earn some money.

Starting a simple business is good for generating some income during a pandemic. But pursuing a hobby and turning this creativity into money is all the more fulfilling. Be sure to consider some valuable handmade craft ideas outlined above—from mask creation to candle-making down to embroidery. By just being creative, you can make money in the midst of the pandemic.


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