Adult sitting; The Newest Trend in Family Caregiving Services

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Adult sitting is much like babysitting, with the only difference is that you’re taking care of an older individual. Adult daycare provides similar services, offering a planned program of activities in a professional care setting intended for the elderly requiring supervised care during the day, or providing companionship for those isolated and lonely.

A well-managed adult daycare or adult sitting services’ goals should focus on enriching the participants’ lives, building upon their unique skills and strength while providing plenty of social interaction. Each independent sitter or daycare center differs when it comes to feature, but standard services include the following.

Health Services

Those with more severe medical conditions may also enjoy the benefits of ‘adult daycare,’ and adult sitting professionals may provide nursing care as well as assistance. Some adults require using equipment such as a wheelchair lift or bath seats for more comfort. Health services may also include hearing and vision checks and blood pressure monitoring—helping patients manage their symptoms.

Health nurses and occupational therapists at adult daycare centers may also provide intensive medical and therapeutic services to help seniors feel at ease.

Social Activities

Planned activities are typically tailored to the seniors’ abilities and health conditions. However, they may encompass such recreational activities as arts and crafts, jamming to good music by singing along, or playing mentally-stimulating games like bingo, or participating in gentle exercises such as stretching. Finally, discussing books, current events, and movies is also a great way of keeping an older adult‘s mind active.   Plus, if you’re an ‘adult sitting’ only one person, taking them out and strolling at the town’s park or other areas is a great way to help them socialize and have fun. If it becomes challenging or nearly impossible for a senior to leave home without assistance, the feeling of ‘isolation’ may set in, leaving them depressed or anxious. Although these older people may not participate in their previous favorite hobbies, helping them stay involved in community services can keep them motivated.

Day Programs

Holding personal day programs or adult day care can help seniors stay busy with various activities, providing rest days for caregivers. Although most daycare programs are social, you can change things a bit by offering limited health services for seniors suffering from debilitating medical conditions and neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s.

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Whether you’re running an adult daycare or working as an independent adult sitter, providing nutritious meals is part of the many services you need to deliver to seniors. Make sure to consult with each adult’s physician or nutritionist to know the best meals you can give them and avoid letting them eat prohibited things, especially if they’re on a special diet.

Personal Care

The most common service that independent adult sitters and full-fledged daycare centers need to provide to seniors is personal care. This particular service helps older adults with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, bathing, toilet hygiene, walking, and eating. Additional tasks include setting medication reminders or taking their blood pressure.


Whether you’re an independent adult sitter or work at an adult daycare center, providing transportation services is crucial, helping you bring seniors from point A to point B, whether for a day in the town, beach, or a hospital appointment. You can also help seniors be more familiar with how to access public transportation, such as trains, buses, rideshare apps like Uber, and how to haggle fare taxi drivers to help them gain a bit of their independence back.

Service for Caregivers

Finally, adult sitting and adult daycare centers also indirectly help caregivers by giving them time off. Some organizations may even provide counseling and support groups for caregivers.   In essence, adult sitting and adult day care centers provide the elderly with an opportunity to get outside of their homes and receive mental and social stimulation while getting the care they need. Additionally, they also help out caregivers, whether a family member or hired helper, by giving them a much-needed rest—offering a complete respite from the physical demands and stress of providing round-the-clock care.

Additional Services for Seniors

You may also offer additional services such as pet therapy by bringing therapy cats and dogs or hold programs, including kids. For instance, in California, the ‘Friendship Center’ created the ‘GOLD Project,’ where seniors are encouraged to visit schools and share their stores with kids, enlivening and entertaining both parties in the process.   Independent adult sitting services and adult daycare centers have the same goal, and that’s offering families a great deal of allowing their elders to get out of the house and have fun and giving caregivers a much-needed break. The services mentioned are just some of the many things you can do for families, ensuring more business and rewarding experiences.

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