Best Upgrades For Your Company Cars

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Company vehicles are essential in operations. They give employees an easier mode of transportation and eliminates the need for commuting to and from work, especially in the grueling temperatures of summer and winter. This makes transportation much more comfortable for employees, which directly affects their satisfaction with the company and hence their productivity at work.

Aside from this, company vehicles can make a good first impression on clients. When your employees shuttle clients around in an impressive car, your company gives off a good business appearance that can help secure deals and forge lasting professional relationships.

With all these advantages stated, it makes sense to invest in company vehicles that are both cost-effective and impressive. But while stock cars can achieve both of these things easily, there are many upgrades that can take them to the next level, such as:

Car audio

Stock cars come with standard stock units that may not produce the crisp, high-quality sound that you’re looking for, especially if they are a few years old. And since listening to music or podcasts is an important part of most people’s commute, upgrading your vehicles’ stock units to high-quality, aftermarket stereos is a worthy investment that you might want to look into.

Having high-quality audio in the car can make your employees’ driving experience much more pleasurable, especially if they are going on long-haul drives for work. If you think this investment is right for you, start looking into car stereo installation services in your area that can upgrade your stock units into high-quality stereos.


A dashcam is an extremely important piece of technology that all drivers need. It can capture irrefutable evidence in case of an accident involving your company car, which can help you make insurance claims or dispute accusations from the other party later on.

Another type of camera that you should consider for your company cars is the rear camera. This camera helps the driver see what is directly behind their car, which is extremely useful when backing up into a parking spot. Aside from making parking faster and easier, a rearview camera helps your employees avoid damaging the car by backing up into an object or another car while parking.

Remote control kill switch

car keys

One of the worst things that can happen to a company car is to have it stolen. Even if you recover the costs with insurance, the lack of a car can be a huge inconvenience for the employee who had it stolen from them. And if you don’t recover the entire cost of the car, a theft can lead to significant financial losses for your company.

A great way to prevent car theft is to install remote control kill switches on your company vehicles’ batteries. Unlike other types of kill switches, a remote control kill switch can disable the car without having to go under the hood to pull out a fuse or disconnect the battery cables. With just a push of a button, your employees can render the car useless to thieves and conveniently turn it back on when they need to use it.

GPS tracker

Installing GPS trackers on your company vehicles can lead to better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. A GPS tracker records the vehicle’s activities, particularly the roads taken and time spent driving. This data helps you plan better routes with shorter driving times and lower chances of encountering traffic jams, which can help you achieve better fuel efficiency and use of employee time.

More importantly, a GPS tracker helps you keep track of the vehicle’s location at all times. In case the vehicle gets stolen, the tracker will show you exactly where it is, helping authorities apprehend the thief faster.

These are just some of the upgrades that you can make to your company cars, but these, by far, are the most useful to improve employee satisfaction and ensure their safety.

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