What Advocacy Do You Have as a Business Leader?

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Being a business owner is one thing; being a business leader is another. You might have heard about that before, but another thing that sets a business leader apart has advocacy as part of the company culture. See, having a business organization is not just a privilege for business owners to gain financial income, but it also a chance to influence others. Have you ever thought about that?

In business, you are managing your people. You have the chance to be dealing with clients and even talk to people all over the internet, and you do not have to be an e-commerce site to do the last one. In short, having a business organization is also a medium to advocate something you believe in, especially with social issues.

Learning From Nike

Let us take Nike as an example. The sportswear and apparel giant has established itself as a brand related to its fan base, and it is no secret that Nike supports the LGBTQ+ community and gender equality. In 2016, Nike ended its ties with eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao after the Philippine legislator, now presidential-candidate, made harsh comments against the community. Now, that is one notable example of how businesses can take a stand about the critical social issues the world is facing today.

Moreover, the brand is also known for supporting female athletes all over the world. Nike is not just celebrating these athletes’ wins but also supporting them through it all.

So ask yourself: what is your business leader advocacy that you can impart to your whole staff? Give yourself time to ponder as we discuss three social issues every business can help improve.

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Gender Inequality

We have already mentioned the issue, and now let us talk about it. How can business owners of all business sizes help improve the situation of gender inequality? Although women have been making more strides this century, there is still a blatant gap between men and women. It is still apparent that many industries, such as music, film, finance, and even cuisine, are predominantly run by men. We are still in this age where having a woman CEO makes headlines news, wherein it should already be normalized until the news is no longer about the mere surprise of having a female leader.

What you can do is provide equal opportunities to your staff regardless of their gender and sexual orientations. You should focus on the performances they brought to the table and the figures they closed for you. Whenever there is a ladder opening in your organization, allow everyone to surprise you with their skills and character. Do not make it about their gender. Do not assume that all of your female staff are hysterical and emotional under pressure, and do not generalize all your male staff to be egotistical and fragile.

Global Warming

There is no way we will talk about social issues without bringing up global warming. Politicians and scientists have argued whether it is a natural phenomenon or simply a hypothesis for many years. However, the melting ice caps and the rising global temperature would suggest you listen to the scientists. Before you think that this social issue is beyond your grasp, let us tell you that there are ways you can help as a business leader.

Go green, allow hybrid work setups, and invest in eco-friendly hardware. No matter what nature of business you are in, you can always opt to go green. Go paperless, recycle the things you have in the office, and ban plastic use. Moreover, even when the world is slowly going back to normal, you can still allow your staff to work from home. By doing so, you are helping them reduce their carbon footprint because there would be no need for them to drive or commute to work. Lastly, invest in eco-friendly equipment in your onsite office. One example of such is an energy-efficient industrial air compressor for the manufacturing industry. It works by driving atmospheric air pressure to produce potential alternative energy that you can efficiently store and save for later use. This way, the manufacturing business reduces both energy consumption (burning of fossil fuel) and electrical costs. Think about it.

Final Thoughts

So are you a business owner or a business leader? Indeed, you have advocacy you might be keeping to yourself. Well, this is the sign that it is time to share those and influence the people around you. After all, a business that has a heart goes a long way than those without one.

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