Living the Best Life: Best Businesses for Pet Lovers

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Americans love their pets, and they’ve built an entire culture around it, even an entire industry. This industry is filled with many pet-lovers, some doing essential part-time jobs to support their daily income. But, some create a whole business from their love of pets.

The potential market for pet services is enormous. It’s estimated that about 67% of households or 85 million American families own a pet. Moreover, experts believe that this number will drastically increase in the coming years as more people get a pet in the coming years, a number that has already grown during the pandemic.

So what are the most important businesses in this sector? Well, first, most pet owners know that their pet requires as much attention as children do. That’s why pet care services should be an exciting business to start.

Pet Care Services

Pet daycare is all about getting close to people’s different pets and taking care of them for the day. It might even be a week.¬†Americans love to travel, but they have to leave their pets at home for days or maybe even weeks most of the time. For some clients, they’d leave their pets every day in daycare because they have to work. This is why the industry alone is worth billions of dollars. Starting one isn’t all that hard either. You can begin by pet sitting.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is pretty much like babysitting but for pets. This is an option for pet lovers who don’t want to keep their fur babies alone for some time. You can quickly start your business by doing this yourself, without a need for employees. The best part is that you’re the closest you can be to pets!

Pet Daycare

Once you’ve made a decent amount of savings from pet sitting, you can rent or maybe purchase a property where people can leave their pets with you. You can include all sorts of toys that pets love. You’ll also need to invest in something that they can eat to enjoy their stay in your daycare. Having a daycare will drastically increase your profit margins because you can now entertain more clients than before.

Pet Transportation

If you start a pet daycare, you might as well integrate a pet transport service with it. A good pet transport service will undoubtedly help you grow your business because you can now offer to pick up and drop off pets in your neighborhood, which can be convenient for your clients. Some people might choose to hire the transport service alone, especially if you plan to move to another city or even another country.

Pet transportation, in general, can be a stressful moment for pets, and you can alleviate that by researching what’s the best transportation method for pets. By doing this, you’re giving your clients an option to make pet transportation less stressful for their fur babies.

Pet Restaurant

A more niche part of the industry is pet restaurants. So what are pet restaurants exactly? Well, to simply put it, they are restaurants where pets are allowed to dine in with their owners and eat food that is made precisely for them.

There are now a variety of dishes that pets can enjoy in these restaurants. So if you want creative cooking and maybe have some experience in the culinary world, this might be a business that’s meant for you.

Pet Photography

Another great option is pet photography. There are tons of people out there who want the perfect picture for their pets. But there’s not a lot of people who know how to do it. Pet photography requires a decent understanding of animal behavior to get those perfect shots. That’s why there are workshops out there you can take to become a certified pet photographer. You can even start a modeling center for pets while you’re at it.


Lastly, and probably the most humble pet lover’s job (and probably the most high-paying) is to become a veterinarian. As pet numbers increase in the US, there is a growing need for new veterinarians in the field. Vets can earn an average of $80,000 annually, but you have to go through seven to ten years of schooling.

You also have to get licensed and certified, which can take a year. However, after doing all of these, you can become closer to pets than ever and even save their lives. An excellent and fulfilling job indeed.

We all love pets. They’re cute, cuddly, and loyal. The good thing is, we can translate our love to them, which is also financially beneficial to us. These are some of the best business options if you are a pet lover.

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