Ideas to Help You Choose Between a Deck and a Patio

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So you’ve decided to build an outdoor living area in your yard but having trouble with what type you want to build. Decks and patios are some of the most popular outdoor living areas. As they have very similar purposes, they do have their differences. Even so, there are ways to personalize and beautify your outdoor space to make it feel more like home.

Basic Differences Between a Deck and a Patio

As for their differences, a deck is a more open outdoor platform that rises above the ground and is always connected to a house. It offers better views and greater horizons. On the other hand, a patio offers more privacy and intimacy, and it doesn’t always have to cling to your house. When it comes to cost, a patio is more affordable and more DIY-able than a deck.

Decks require more materials to build, such as stairs, fences, and gates, and often require a permit before you’re allowed to build it. A Trex gate will match your deck’s aesthetics as well as your fences. Whereas with a patio, you would only need a permit if excavation is involved in the building process.

These two choices also have their differences when it comes to what they’re made of. Decks are usually made of wood, depending on your preference and whatever’s more practical. The wood used is generally soaked in a preservative and placed under pressure to make it last a very long time and keep it from rotting. One can also be made of steel, which is less common since it attracts too much heat or too much cold. Composite decking is a wood alternative that’s more environmentally friendly since they’re made of recycled material.

The materials of a patio can become more flexible, and the choice can be explorable. It’s commonly made up of concrete, which is the quickest and easiest to install. Gravel is also one easy material to work with yet requires more maintenance than concrete. Cut stones and bricks are other commonly used materials to build decks. Aside from that, you can explore more hardscape flooring, like wood or tiles.

Ways to Furnish and Beautify Your Deck or Patio

While they have their differences, there are some essential things to consider before building either of them. To help you decide, these dress-up ideas might provide you with a vision of how you want your outdoor living would be.

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Hanging container plants

This looks especially best when you choose a deck. With those fencing you got going on, you can make them look fresh and colorful. There are ways to have it on a patio, if you would take the extra effort to build a single fence. Aside from that, there are always creative ideas to create a hanging plant display anywhere in your home if you feel like it.

Stair lighting

If you have chosen a deck, lighting on the stairs would be a perfect choice. Aside from it being practical for safety, you can mix it up a little and get more creative with it. You can place lights beneath the steps to give the entire area a warm glow, then add a different variety of illumination on the sides to have more lighting on the paths.

Another good idea would be these lights carries on top of the deck. Make sure the lights you want to be installed are wet-proof to avoid damages and electrical accidents. Floor lights can also be installed on a patio.

Explore more flooring options

Choosing the right flooring for your patio can be overlooked since many homeowners aren’t aware that there are many options besides the most common ones. Explore more choices that best suit your taste and style and the best one for your location.

Composite flooring isn’t just for garden fences and gates. It can also be a good choice for your patio flooring. This can be your little way of supporting environment-friendly materials. This is also best for you if you have little time to maintain it. Checkered tile flooring is more on the stylish side. This can make your patio look more homey and comfortable. One downside of this is it can be a slipping hazard. However, you can still decorate the floor with rugs to avoid accidents.

Despite their differences, both are beautiful choices for outdoor living. These outdoor, open-air spaces allow you to have beautiful scenery and backdrops for entertaining guests and relaxing on your own. Depending on your home’s location and surrounding environment, you can have it blend along with your landscape and create a place you wouldn’t want to leave.

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