Choosing the Best Winter Outfits: Function and Practicality

house covered in snow
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Just because wintertime is approaching doesn’t mean you can’t have fun getting dressed like you usually would during the warmer months. There are many outfit possibilities that come with the colder months. Plus, a season of layering allows you to wear more of your favorite pieces at once.

Whether you’re going to buy a house up north or only planning a vacation somewhere cold, you need to wear something appropriate when you visit a colder climate. Here are practical and functional tips when choosing the best outfits for the colder months — ensuring comfort, warmth, and style.

Embrace Fur — or Faux Fur

Wintertime is the only time you can wear fur during the year, so take advantage of the season and shop around for great fur coats and jackets. Plus, you can wear it with just about anything, and you can guarantee that it’ll give your outfit an instant upgrade while keeping you warm.

Experiment with Scarves

A great thing about scarves is that besides providing warmth and style, you can wear them in many ways other than the traditional way of wrapping them around your neck. You can use it and tie around your head to sport a retro or look or belt it on top of your jacket for a more sophisticated look. You would notice many professionals in colder climates prefer wearing stylish scarves to stay warm, whether it’s a mortgage lending agent or broker meeting a client in the field, or business executives on a “bleisure” trip. Either way, having a scarf is essential in any winter outfit, ensuring warmth and added style.

Top it Off With a Waterproof Coat

No matter what type of outer shell you plan on wearing, you need to ensure it’s waterproof. It’s a practical feature that you should always take note of when shopping for a winter outfit. After all, you wouldn’t want your coat getting damaged by snow and rain — and leave you drenched in the cold.

models wearing winter apparel

Complete the Look With Winter Boots

A perfect winter outfit typically boils down to a fabulous pair of winter boots. It’s best to use over-the-knee boots to keep your feet and legs warm while adding that extra ‘oomph’ to your look. You can pair this with a short dress and an oversized coat. You can also wear ankle boots with cuffed jeans and a maxi dress.

However, if you’re forced to wear less than fashionable and bulky snow boots, don’t fret as pairing them with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater or any top you like still allows you to enjoy the colder months in style.

Know Your Layers

There’s a reason why layering is always on-trend during the colder months — it’s a practical and stylish way to dress when it’s cold outside. So, when you’re choosing what winter outfit would suit you the best, don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. A turtleneck under a coat or a dress over a pair of pants are great examples you can start with, but when it’s freezing outside, sometimes, these won’t cut it.

When that happens, you need to find creative ways to layer under your clothes without looking too ‘bulky.’ You can, for example, use a pair of tights under your regular jeans or add a form-fitting sweater over an oversized long-sleeve t-shirt.

It can be challenging to stay fashionable and comfortable in colder weather, but it is possible. The tips mentioned can help you choose the best winter outfit that’s functional, practical, and stylish — allowing you to enjoy the colder months in style.

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