Choosing the Right Candidates for your Company

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So your company is growing, and now thinking of hiring more people to help the company. This is one of the biggest decisions for every business owner or anyone in charge of the hiring process. The question is: How do you gauge the right candidates for the job? What are the things you should consider?

To help you with the decision making, feel free to follow the guidelines below during the recruitment process:

  1. What’s the candidate’s employment background?

The last thing you want to bring into your team is someone with a questionable background. Fortunately, there are sanctions and screening services that can help keep validate an individual’s background. Another good way to screen your candidates is to ask the right questions. Ask about their previous experiences. What are the causes of their resignation from their previous employers? How was their experience? These things will help you determine if they fit the company’s culture.

  1. What is their attitude towards the work at hand?

A person’s attitude goes a long way and you can tell a lot about them right away just from the way they act during the interview. How do they respond to your questions? Are they punctual? Do they fit the qualities the company is looking for? You can also ask questions about their passion or hobbies. On the other hand, it may be difficult to choose between a candidate with the right skill set and someone with average skills but a good personality. Weigh in the pros and cons. However, many employers prefer working with candidates who are trainable than someone with the right skill set but expresses a negative attitude.

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  1. What do their former employers say about them?

This is a standard procedure in the recruitment process. Make sure to validate every detail they provided in their CV. Call their past employers. If possible, get referrals or recommendation letters from their HR manager. Ask about their experience working with them. Do they have pending cases? This will help you know more about the candidates applying for the job.

  1. Do you see that person growing with the company?

As much as possible, you want someone who can stay long-term. Otherwise, It is going to be a huge loss on the company’s resources as you’re also investing in the person’s training, salary, supplies, and others. Unfortunately, with today’s fast-paced work environment and a myriad of employment opportunities to choose from, it happens more often than you’d like. Truly gauge the person’s interest and sincerity of wanting to work for you. Most often than not, the loyal ones who would stick with your company would make the most valuable hire of your team.

These are just some of the things you should consider when choosing the right candidate for the job.

While your product or service serves as the heart and you most probably are the brain, your employees will eventually form the soul of your company. Much of your success will hinge on the quality of the people that you hire. So make the right choice.

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