Decor Tips for Mobile Homes

trailer home parked in the desert
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It can be a challenge to decorate a small space. Mobile homes are some of the tiniest spaces anyone could ever work with and it can be daunting to make them look good while leaving you with enough space to move around and live your life. But let these challenges be a blessing. This is a chance for you to use your creativity and resourcefulness.  Anyone who’s ever successfully decorated a small space knows a few tricks that regular homeowners don’t. Whether you’re living in a van or a fifth wheel toy trailer, here’s a list of tips for making the most of a small space.

Choose a theme

Because the space is so small that you can see the entirety of it in one glance, it helps to have a sense of uniformity. The last thing you want is for your interiors to look disjointed. Have a theme or color scheme that will serve as a constant in the space to keep the visuals tied together.

Dress the walls

Choosing the right color scheme for your walls can help make the space appear bigger than it is. Light shades such as white, beige, blush, and sky blue help reflect natural light and make the space seem bigger. That said, you don’t have to limit your palette just because you have less space. Darker colors and more vibrant hues can still work in a small space to add depth and contrast.

Enhance natural lighting

A good hack for making a tiny space seem bigger is to play up your sources of natural light. Choose lightweight materials for your draperies. Thick fabrics will keep natural light out and make the room look smaller.

Choose the right furniture

Furniture pieces are going to occupy a lot of the already tiny space of a mobile home, so be strategic with your choices. Choose furniture that can serve more than one function. In the construction industry, items with the label “Murphy” are those that can unfold or open to reveal more usable space than first meets the eye.

Murphy beds, for instance, are those that unfold from a wall when they need to be used. They can also easily fold back into the wall when not in use, allowing the owner to use up the space previously occupied by the bed for other purposes. You can also get a foldable dining table, as cooking and dining can take up a lot of space.

Other genius furniture pieces include this full-length mirror that opens up to reveal jewelry storage and a bench with built-in storage space.

trailer home on the highway


Just because you’re working with a tiny space doesn’t mean there’s no room for showing your personality. Souvenirs are some of the best decor pieces you can use in a mobile home. If you’re out of ideas, you can even frame a souvenir shirt and hang it on the wall. And if you really want to show off your penchant for traveling, cover one or two walls with map-printed wallpaper.

No matter how small your space is, you should always reserve a spot for a plant or two. Have some fresh herbs in your kitchen area and maybe a few small succulents on the windowsill. You can even have a plant or two in your bathroom using this self-watering planter. It gathers moisture from the surrounding air and condenses it into clean water for your plant. This works particularly well in humid areas such as the bathroom, where excess humidity can lead to mold.

Arranging and decorating tiny spaces can be tricky, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had. The limited amount of space you’re working with requires you to be resourceful and creative, so you’ll learn a few tricks that regular homeowners don’t know about. These decor tips prove that even if your living space moves around, you can still make it feel like home wherever it goes.

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