Embracing the Grey Brigade: Why Getting Older is Awesome

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Most people fear aging. This is understandable as getting old is often associated with being helpless, weakness, wrinkles, and a declining health condition. Thus, putting one at risk for various diseases and chronic pains such as immobility, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, to name a few.

But while adding another year to your age can be scary, this should not always be the case. Although embarking on a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities and nutritious food is crucial for older adults, they must also recognize the benefits of joining the graying population.

You feel younger.

Contrary to popular belief, getting older makes people feel younger and more alive. Gone are the days when you had to rush to get dressed and run to work every morning. You don’t need to live on a tight budget to fit your daily needs anymore. You can now let go of the obligations of taking care of your children, the need to prove something to the world, and other responsibilities you need to live up to as an adult.

Thus, giving you more time for yourself and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. This means you get to finally plan that long-overdue vacation with your spouse or start honing a new skill you’ve wanted to try. If you’re still up for it, you may even turn these into a mini-business that you can do in your free time. For example, if you are into sewing, you may knit cute outfits for children and young moms that they can use for cold seasons.

Moreover, this is your chance to start anew in a different place and experience an increased quality of life. Since seniors are more susceptible to social isolation, lack of activities, and depression, you must choose an ideal healthy environment to maintain your social identity and sanity.

This could mean moving in with your children, starting a new life in an elderly home care community, or try their luck in another state. Whatever it is, you must prioritize your health, safety, and quality facilities to preserve your individuality and experience life to the fullest.

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You stop being a people pleaser

Life exposes you to various ups and downs of life. Overcoming these obstacles gives you a chance to get to know yourself better and gain emotional maturity. Thus, you get to have unshakable self-confidence, wisdom, and humility as you age.

This stops you from constantly seeking validation and makes you care less about what other people think. We can never please everyone as we are designed to be unique individuals with specific preferences for various things. We have different views and opinions, and trying hard to agree with them is a total waste of time.

This realization unfolds before our eyes as we age. Thus, the faster you understand it, the quicker you free yourself from fearing other people’s judgment later in life. In return, this allows you to focus on what makes you happy, healthy and live a purposeful life until the time comes where you meet your Creator.

You become living history

Aging makes you a living witness to what has transpired back in your day. This makes you a credible source of information and lessons for your children, grandchildren, and the generation that comes after that. For example, our grandparents were able to pass on valuable lessons and practices to survive a pandemic, which we can do for the future generation, should we go through it again.

Moreover, our elderlies can tell various tales about the world war that wasn’t taught in school. Our mothers can give us advice on budget-friendly yet effective house chore techniques. They can also teach us healthy recipes that our family will enjoy and old-school know-hows that even the in

The elderlies are living proof that if they could survive life’s challenges without the help of high-end technology, so can we. Reflecting on one’s history is one of the greatest gifts anyone can have as it helps clarify the significance of one’s own life while also bestowing knowledge to the world.

Aging is subjective. You can be in your 20s and feel old; you may be in your senior years and feel your life is just starting. According to studies, how a person views themselves significantly affects how they age, both inside and out. Moreover, gaining control over their decisions makes senior adults feel much younger despite everyday life’s health issues and stress. That said, there should be nothing to fear about getting old. Instead, invest in a healthy lifestyle and mindset and look forward to opportunities that come with old age.

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