Employee Management: The Importance of Having the Proper Tools

employee management
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Being a good business leader and manager does not always yield the results you want, especially with your employees. Efficient people management is not something that even the best leaders can assure. It is because a large part of the job depends on the employees’ tendencies and behavior.

Yes, businesses can avoid unfortunate employee issues by pre-vettingĀ candidates during the recruitment process. But even then, there is no telling what will happen once the operations role out. Hence, it is better to be equipped with the tools to help your department leaders do their jobs properly.

With the advent of modern technology and work-from-home setups, staying on top of trends is a must. Things are now far from the traditional ways of working, managing, and operating. There are tools for better compliance, task recording, payroll functions, and more. So to help you get started, here are some of those must-have tools today:

Time Tracking Tools

If you are running a business with most freelancers who go by the hour, the only way to track their productivity is through their outputs. However, how can you make sure that they are truly investing those hours into quality work?

Time tracking tools, such as Time Doctor, can monitor productivity, progress, and even work challenges. The software allows business leaders to measure productivity in a way that is not intrusive with employees as well. Time Doctor enables employees to take complete control of the activity that is being tracked. For example, employees can opt to pause their trackers whenever they take a quick break to answer personal emails or messages. Meanwhile, there is also a feature that tracks the hours spent on non-work-related websites as unbillable hours. Therefore, also protecting business owners’ workforce investments.

Time tracking tools are great if you want to make sure your staff is productive without micromanaging them. It is also a way to be more efficient with task progress and schedules.

employee management

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

When we talk about people management, the human resources department is always the first one to come to mind. Technically, they are the flagship department that deals with employee concerns, rights, and contracts. Thus, without the proper tools to make the job easier, the supposed face of people management would fail to deliver results.

An HRIS helps the business in many ways, depending on what you need it for the most. It usually assists business leaders with managing their employees. The software provides a better-streamlined process that simplifies people management in every single way possible. An HRIS will make sure you will have the manpower to run your business operations and ensure that everyone is compliant with the standard procedures. It also makes it easy for your HR team to track absences, sick leaves, and vacation leaves, which they will later collaborate with department heads for better tasks allocation.

Lastly, it also makes life easier for your employees. With an up-to-date HRIS, they can simply go to their portal, file a leave, and happily proceed with booking tickets and budget-friendly accommodation. Lastly, keeping your staff happy with the convenience offered by the system will drive productivity, and later on, business growth.

Work Management Platforms

Work dashboards were not a thing before the pandemic. Only a few organizations used innovative workflow platforms to be more efficient and visually see what’s going on with the tasks. Although there was Facebook Workplace in 2016, it did not manage to puncture the need for better workflow systems back then.

Work management platforms allow business leaders and department heads real-time monitoring access to employees’ work progress. It helps them analyze and comprehend gathered data faster than back and forth sending of files and links. Managers can also quickly assess what their staff is working on and provide guidance to prevent further lapses. It saves time and helps a business perform under aligned goals and timelines.

You also do not have to be worried about leaving the current tools you are using because there are work platforms where you can integrate your existing storage and procedures. Lastly, a work dashboard provides automated reports that make it easier to measure metrics and output-based productivity.

The Bottom Line

People management is one of the most complex aspects of business operations. Your manager leaders might have the best skills and attributes to handle your people, but they too can fall short without help. At the end of the day, these tools will make it easier and more efficient for them and also for your employees to comply.

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