Entrepreneurship: Stay Healthy to Succeed

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Even if the pandemic was disastrous for many businesses, just as many have survived, and some have even become more successful than before. New businesses have also been coming up. According to the Census Bureau, Forbes reports that there were 551,657 applications to start a business in July 2020. This represented a historic high and was 95 percent more than the numbers in July 2019.

In comparison, 10,000 new businesses registered in Japan in September 2020 and 84,000 new businesses registered in France in October 2020. American entrepreneurs are optimistic about the business environment in the country.

By October 2021, business applications in the U.S. decreased to 432,101, but this is still a large number. Experts predict that the number of new businesses will be growing. Business owners must be prepared for the many challenges of entrepreneurship, though.

Build Confidence

The mere act of starting a business already shows confidence. An entrepreneur must continue to exhibit high confidence when talking to clients, whether in person or virtually. Knowing your business and your market by heart will make you speak with confidence.

Personality and appearance also count a lot. Project the image of success by dressing for success. Always be well-groomed and always have a ready smile. If you have any problem with your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can easily fix this for you. If you have skin problems, go to a dermatologist. These are necessary because your image is your brand.

Stay Healthy for Maximum Productivity

Never be too busy to take care of yourself. Remember that you must be at your physical best to have the energy to drive your business to ever-higher levels of success.

To remain sharp, you need eight hours of deep sleep every night. Working up to the wee hours is counterproductive because it will affect your performance in the next work cycle. Be disciplined in cutting off your work hours. Wind down your physical activity and your mind in the hours approaching bedtime.

This includes staying away from your e-mail and social media both on your laptop and phone. Listen to music instead. Make sure that the bedroom is completely dark when you go to bed. The body’s natural circadian rhythm associates darkness with sleep. Develop a routine of sleeping early and waking up early.

Physical exercise is best done in the morning upon waking. A workout energizes you for the day ahead. It makes you feel strong enough to confront challenges. Schedule 30 minutes to an hour of cardiovascular exercise every day.

Start at a moderate intensity and level up to a higher intensity once you are no longer challenged. Include two to three alternating days of strengthening workouts involving all major muscle groups. Having regular exercise in the morning will also help you get better quality sleep at night.

Eat healthy to keep your energy on an even keel the whole day. Your meals must be made up of lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. Food high in carbohydrates and sugar will make you feel sluggish. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Choose plain water over other drinks. Never miss a meal no matter how busy you are. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems.


Protect Your Mental Health

Running a business is stressful. Many entrepreneurs develop anxiety or even panic attacks when there is a crisis. Some become depressed when profits are down. It is crucial to address these problems and not allow them to fester. Seeing a therapist will be helpful.

To prevent the development or escalation of mental health issues, schedule regular time off for yourself. Have one daily and a longer one weekly. Have a vacation of several days once or twice a year.

Do things that you love during these breaks. Immersing yourself in nature helps soothe the mind. Have a long leisurely walk in a park. One with both greenery and a body of water will be even more beneficial. Merely looking at foliage and water triggers feelings of calmness and joy. It also boosts creativity and can help you discover solutions to problems at work. Travel to places that are safe from the pandemic. Spend days by the beach.

Nurture your personal connections to family and friends. Do not allow the business to isolate you from them. With these people, you can fully relax and be yourself with no pressure.

Your Overall Wellness Is a Metric of Success

It is useless to have a financially successful business if you are ill, either physically or mentally. Your business success will quickly decline if the person at the helm is in physical or mental decline. You will also not be able to fully enjoy what you have worked so much for. It is a must to include your good physical and mental health as metrics in measuring your success.

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