Essential Business Services to Hire Post-COVID-19

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As the pandemic continues to stretch on, we’ve learned that we can’t stand by and wait for it to end. Slowly, the economy has been reopening, businesses and organizations are continuing with their work and even resuming on-site operations. But to keep up with the new normal, businesses must also be more vigilant about their workplaces, employees, and finances. Here’s a list of services you’ll want to invest in for your business.

Cleaning services

If you’re planning on reopening the office, you first need to give the place a thorough cleaning. The CDC recommends minimizing the use of soft and porous materials such as curtains and rugs as these are harder to clean regularly. For example, you can swap out curtains for blinds.

For routine cleaning and disinfecting, make sure to use EPA-approved disinfectants. If those are unavailable, the CDC recommends using a mixture of bleach and water or 70% alcohol solution. You might also need to hire janitorial cleaning services to help with this.

Repairs and maintenance

Another thing you need to do before reopening the office or any brick-and-mortar establishment is ensure that all appliances and equipment are still working smoothly. Certain pieces of equipment tend to bust after prolonged unuse, so it’s best to bring in professional help. The CDC recommends cleaning air filters and HVAC systems to prevent the spread of the virus.

Spaces that have been closed for extended periods can also accumulate molds, and this may lead to some surface damage that might also require repainting.

Digital marketing

With the increased amount of time people spend on their devices, investing in digital marketing is necessary. It’s something you should have had even before the pandemic, but continuing to invest in it now is just as important. As compared to traditional marketing tools such as print, TV, and radio, which are often limited to a certain region, digital marketing tools have the capacity to reach worldwide audiences. They’re also more affordable than traditional marketing tools, which is a bonus now that many businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

Digital marketing also allows you to get to know your market better. It allows you to track customer demographics, personalize your marketing materials and make them more effective. It’s also measurable, meaning that you can track engagements such as click-throughs, website visits, and purchases made based on your marketing materials. This way, you can determine which of your content has been effective and which has not. This will then allow you to adjust your content and marketing materials accordingly. Digital marketing tools include search engine optimization (SEO), Analytics, Facebook ads, pay-per-click advertisements.

Cloud-based IT and cybersecurity

typing on a laptop

Now that companies and organizations have virtualized their workflows, there is even more of a need to secure data. Many companies do not need a full-time IT worker and outsource. In which case, they’d only call their IT guy whenever a server glitched or kept crashing. But it’s a different story if your company is still largely working from home. Even if you’re planning on transferring back to the office, think about the time you’d spend having to wait for an IT worker to arrive.

This is why more and more companies are choosing cloud-based IT solutions. These allow you to access all your company data wherever and wherever you are — perfect for the work-from-home setup. Machine learning on these cloud-based solutions also enables these systems to fix errors and minimize similar occurrences in the future.


Many businesses have been struggling due to the pandemic, and during such a time, it’s helpful to consult someone whose expertise is money. An accountant can help you plan for short-term and long-term growth and recovery. They can spot problems in your operations or structure that might be wasting your resources or keeping your company from generating more revenue. If you’re struggling, accountants can also inform you of what grants and loans you can apply for and can even help you with your application.

Employee well-being

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but not least of all for employees, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet, are anxious about being furloughed, or worrying that they might not be able to send their kids to school. Investing in your employees is investing in your company. There are three parts of employee well-being: physical health, financial health, and mental health. Employers often neglect the last two. At this time, it’s important to leverage employee assistance programs (EAPs).

With 2020 having recently ended and the pandemic still ongoing, it’s safe to say that the show must go on. A new normal brings new challenges, and that means adopting new survival methods. This includes caring for employees, regular cleaning and maintenance, tightening the security of company data, and investing in better marketing strategies.

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