Finding the Perfect Bridal Dress: Helpful Tips From a Real-Life Bride

bridal dress
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Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is perhaps the most exciting part of the preps but it can be quite stressful especially that it’s not the only thing you need to get down to a tee. There’s so much more to the glam of wedding dress shopping than meets the eye; it isn’t as simple as it sounds. And often, it can bring a bride to tears.

To prove this point, my first bridal dress didn’t go as planned. Despite giving all the details and being very specific about the color, fabric, and style that I want, I didn’t get the dress that I wanted. The fabric was too shiny and the color is off. I wasn’t happy when I tried it on, and I was a mess when I got home.

To remedy this problem, I contacted a highly recommended atelier where one can find stunning bridal dresses. I made an appointment to see the dresses and in a couple of days, I was well on my way to finding the perfect bridal dress for me.

I’ve learned quite a few things and picked up useful design ideas along my journey in finding the right dress and today, I’m going to share them here with you.

Bridal Dress Design and Style

You need two dresses to help you pick the right one for you: One in your dream silhouette and another one in the silhouette that works for you.

Some of us have been dreaming about our wedding dress since we were little, and we’d like to make this precious memory come true on our wedding day.

However, it is important to get expert advice when it comes to design and style. After all, you’re going to wear this on the most important day of your life and all eyes will be on you on that day, while you’re in that dress. Make sure you’re happy with the way it fits and the way you look in it, so you can focus on enjoying your day.

Wedding dresses also come in 2-piece designs that allow you to change the bodice or the skirt to create a second look for the festivities. If you want more flexibility in style, a 3-piece design would be an ideal option.

If you want a long train for your wedding look and a light skirt for the festivities look, a removable train or a skirt overlay will do the trick. Likewise, you can easily switch up the look of your bodice by using a removable shrug, bolero, or wrap. These options allow you to turn the same dress into a different style to create a second look that’s just as elegant as the first look.

Make sure to discuss your preferred options with your designer so that they can help you come up with the dress that ticks all the boxes on your checklist and one that meets your desired outcome.

Comfort and Ease in Movement

bridal dress

Beadwork, as well as multiple layers of fabric, can add weight to your dress. The more you put on your dress, the heavier it gets. Bones, embellishments, the type, and layers of fabric can make your dress feel stiff, fluffy, heavy, and warm. A heavily constructed dress can restrict your movement and you might feel uncomfortable in it as the day goes by.

If you wish to have an embellished dress, try on something with a similar amount of beadwork and layers of fabric. Fitting a similar style and design will give you an idea of how your ideal dress will feel like once you’re wearing it.

You can discuss with your designer what lightweight materials can be used to achieve the same design and effect that you want your dress to have, without sacrificing comfort and style. You must also consider how you’re going to store your dress after use, so make sure you’ve got space for it in your closet.

Combination of Fabric and Materials

The type of fabric and materials plays a huge role in the overall look of your dress. Getting the right combination is key, so it’s important to have a general understanding of the fabric and material options available before you finalize anything. Keep in mind that not certain styles only look good when made with certain materials. Before jumping on a mix-and-match spree, get in touch with your designer to get the best advice for your dress.

To form a basic idea of how your dress will look like, when you think about fabric and materials, think about how you want your dress to look. Do you want a dress that’s airy, flowy, and light or would you like one with an intricate lace design and some embellishments? Do you prefer clean lines and a minimalist look? Write this all down, so you can narrow down your options and refine the style of your dress.

Discuss your options with your designer, so that they can help you find the right fabric, color, and texture, and the proper materials to make the silhouette and style that you like.

Most of all, steer clear from social media pressure and other people’s preference. Limit the consultation with a friend who understands your style and your designer. This way, you can tune out all the distractions and focus on creating the dress that is truly right for you.

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