Fun Face Mask Designs for Your Next Business

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During these uncertain times, looking for new business prospects may be difficult. However, it can also work to your advantage if you can sell something that the current market is in dire need of. This is what gave rise to the growing number of face masks stores.

What’s great about this kind of business is that it is high in demand, promotes healthy practices during a pandemic, and easy to make. You can individually sew the masks or buy them in bulk and print designs on them.

There’s a lot of them in the market now, but you can stand out with creative designs. This can separate you from all the generic masks on the internet. If you are looking for new ideas, consider making these designs on your face masks.

Try classic patterns

When it comes to timeless designs, patterns never go out of style. The recent demand for the famous strawberry dress shows how in-demand patterned prints are when done right. In fact, searches for this dress increase by 103 percent in August. Floral patterns are especially popular because it’s simple and works with almost any type of clothing.

One common trend recently is face masks that match the prints on their clothes. There’s a ton of possibilities with these. Many people adore matching sets of clothing, which can be used as a great marketing tactic. In the new normal, it could be a new fashion trend, and they can continue to use it even after the threat of the virus.

You can even have these done for kids. If you want something for younger markets that aren’t cartoon patterns, consider styling them based on liberty-style garments. Garments and accessories for children are high in demand as well.

Make it look artistic

For artists, a good marketing opportunity is to use their skills to create new face masks and other items. Unlike commercial businesses, they have a competitive edge by creating unique designs that cannot be duplicated. If you want to get into the business of selling face masks, then style them like you would on the canvas.

Etsy and other similar websites have a huge collection of face masks, but you can make yours stand out by making them appear like works of art. Patterns are standard, but people will notice right away if a design is hand-made by the artists. It adds another level of appeal that can make your items more appealing.

Base them off anime, games, or TV series

Merchandise from popular shows and video games is always a good market to get into. Around three percent of the entire global population watches anime, and in the United States, half of them are adults. There is a lot of potential in these markets because people in fandoms tend to spend a lot on their shows and games.

There are a variety of ways you can do this. For some, even just icons and symbols associated with the series or game is enough. A few people style them to look like ones worn by anime and video game characters. Others use their own original fanart as the main design on the face mask.

Even if you don’t necessarily watch anime or play those games yourself, you can still try getting into this market. Some businesses use symbols that are commonly associated with fictional characters. It can be facial expressions or animal faces. Although not directly related to any specific anime or game, people often associate it with Japanese media, which is what attracts them to the design.

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Offer custom designs

Personalization is the latest trend in any product. This can also be done with face masks. Some people take this pandemic seriously and make a lot of effort to encourage their friends and family to be careful. The result is people using face masks as giveaways in events and other similar situations. It gave rise to businesses that make custom designs on masks.

Getting into this kind of business is fairly easy if you have the means to print the design. In these cases, it would be better to accept orders by bulk so that every printing won’t be a waste. Individual custom masks can work too, but you might end up spending more for a single item.

By investing in a few pieces of equipment, anyone can get into the business of selling a face mask. Nobody knows how long this pandemic will last, so it’s best to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s there.

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