Lifestyle and Beauty: Get Better Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

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Getting married can fill you up with excitement, happiness, and thrill. But on the other side, there can also be feelings of overwhelm, stress, and fatigue during the preparation. The problem is, many brides find it hard to get their beauty sleep nights before their big day. If you’re currently in the hectic week of your wedding, you’re probably having too much stress.

Having a good night’s rest, especially the night before, is necessary for you to fully enjoy your special day. Surely, you don’t want to get married with tired eyes and a low energy level, right? In this guide, you’ll get some tips on how you can take a complete rest the night before your wedding day. 

1. Use sleep props

It’s normal to have a racing mind a night before your wedding day, this is where sleep props and airs can be helpful. If you and the gang are staying in a hotel near the venue, it’s best to try to stick to your normal bedtime routine. Pack your earplugs, eye mask, favorite pillow, and nightwear so you can feel at home. Sleep specialists recommend using your favorite sleep fragrance to calm your mind and help you sleep much faster. Lastly, avoid using any devices hours before your bedtime. The blue light they emit can make it hard for you to sleep.

2. Use face serum

You shouldn’t just use a good face serum the night before your wedding. Incorporating it into your daily beauty routine is way better for your skin. Find a moisturizing facial night serum that cannot only keep your skin hydrated but also clean it. For a safer option, find products that are safe for all types of skin and are also paraben-free. If you’re worried about your wrinkles and fine lines, the right face serum can reduce their appearance. A good facial serum should be able to nourish your skin and protect it from free radicals and premature skin aging. Take note that there are also different types of serums and ingredients available in the market. There are ones for hydration, free-radical fighting, skin brightening, anti-aging, texture improvement, sensitive skin, and acne-prone.

3. Eat and drink sensibly

You may not realize this but what you eat and drink can have a profound impact on the quality of your sleep and how fast you fall asleep. The week, especially the night, before your big day, it’s best to follow a few recommendations. One of the popular suggestions is avoiding alcohol as it can ruin the quality of your sleep.

Drinking a glass of wine might help you relax but it can leave you feeling less refreshed the morning of your wedding day. Alcohol can reduce the amount of REM sleep and deep sleep. Also, it’s best to eat a light meal for dinner. Eating a carb-heavy dinner the night before your big day can make it harder for you to have a good sleep. A light meal that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates can prevent disrupted sleep.

4. Get your hair and nails done

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Hair and nails are two important parts of a bride’s look. Ugly-looking nails and dry hair are not any bride’s dream. If you can, avoid using heating tools on your hair days before your wedding, from straighteners, heated rollers, curling wands, to hairdryers. Save that for the wedding day. As for your nails, you can have them cleaned days before the big day and only paint it until the day or night before. While you can do these on your own, visiting a salon to get your hair and nails down would be ideal. It may cost you a few extra bucks, but it can save you from the work and stress.

5. Prep an emergency survival kit

An emergency survival kit should be a no-brainer for any bride and her bridesmaids. No matter how much you’ve prepared for the day, things may not go according to plan. One of the things you should prepare for is beauty or outfit-related mishaps. Among the items, your survival kit should have are lipsticks, mascara, safety and bobby pins, shoe inserts, face powder, hairspray, flats, band-aids, and tissues. Talk to your bridesmaids and work on an emergency survival kit. You can have one kit for everyone, or one for each of you. Prepping such kits can help you and your girls sleep better at night and are ready in the morning.

Don’t underestimate the amount of energy you’ll need for your bid day. You’ll need to be ready for the wedding ritual, take tons of photos or videos, and entertain guests at the wedding venue. Gracefully handle your wedding jitters and a whole lot of activities by following our pre-wedding tips above.

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