Growth And Expansion In The Plumbing Industry

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Innovation, technology, and business often go hand in hand, and it isn’t easy to think about one without referencing or the idea of the other two popping out. From the local grocery stores to the largest tech companies, we are surrounded by the progress of these three concepts coming together and the quality of life improvements they provide. However, beyond the apparent industries that visibly affect our lives, like retail and manufacturing, is an industry that is growing and just as crucial — the plumbing industry.

Plumbers Work Behind The Scenes

Yes, plumbing contractors and companies aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of growth, expansion, and innovation, but these unsung heroes also work at the frontline as health workers. They tinker behind the scenes and are the reason why our homes and many buildings receive sufficient water supply, ample heating, and maintain sanitary standards. Of course, unlike food and clothing that you can hold, the plumbing industry products don’t get much of a spotlight, but the plumbing systems that run in every home directly affect the comfort and quality of your living situation.

It is expected that the plumbing industry will also need to adapt, improve, and innovate towards more efficient and effective systems. And whether you’re planning to dip your toes into the craft or are a simple homeowner looking to be informed, you should know how the world of plumbing is changing as we enter the 4th quarter of 2020.

#1 Adapting Sustainable Plumbing Systems

Otherwise known as green plumbing, the industry also concerns itself with adapting more sustainable options to address the alarming issue of climate change. Understandably, it won’t be much of a surprise if you think plumbing is low-impact on the environment, but the reality is quite the opposite. And because it manages water filtration, heating, and the like, there are plenty of areas for improvement regarding conservation and efficiency.

  • Low-flow Plumbing Fixtures: One of the latest trends most plumbing companies are undertaking is the use and installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures. Traditional fixtures consume large amounts of water, which is often wasted, which is why more people are leaning towards low-flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets to offset their water savings for the better.
  • Water Filtration: Water filtration systems are also becoming more energy-efficient and effective as access to fresh, clean water is imperative to good health and well-being. And apart from gaining access to safe drinking water, water filtration also helps conserve water and avoids anything going to waste

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#2 Opportunities With Smart Technology

With the growth of AI, intelligent systems, machine learning, and technology, its progress spread far and wide across different industries, including plumbing. Many companies and sole practitioners are starting to notice and capitalize on the opportunities of implementing smart technology into their plumbing systems. Also known as smart plumbing solutions, these tech advancements indirectly make plumbing more sustainable in the process as well.

  • Water Leak Detection: One great example of the adoption of smart technology into plumbing systems is with the early water leak detection. These help monitor and warn the homeowners through application or device when there are signs of leaking to prevent unwanted water damage.
  • Greywater Recycling: More and more plumbing companies are also adopting greywater recycling systems into their plumbing solutions. These systems take the wastewater through filtration and reuse them for other purposes like irrigation.

#3 Established Online Presence And Digital Marketing

It’s not just big-name companies that value their online presence, but even the plumbing industry makes waves in linking the importance of going digital with a plumbing business. Engagement and interaction are becoming key players in plumbing, which has considerably helped the industry gain more traction and capture a larger market share over the years.

  • Data Analytics: As plumbing solutions become increasingly available at a larger scale and offer services at one-click away, plumbing companies are seeing the importance of data analytics across their online websites and social media pages. This information is used to improve their services further and narrow down the most common plumbing issues experienced by the majority.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: From creating social media presence to sending emails, plumbers are also taking note of digital marketing strategies and gaining their competitive edge in the industry. And apart from increasing their numbers, online reviews have also become a haven for building a strong customer base.

Even The Plumbing Industry Is Moving Forward

Overall, it’s apparent that the plumbing industry is growing strong and looking towards a fundamental shift that leans on sustainability, smart technology, and efficiency. So, be sure to capitalize on these opportunities as well, or else you run the risk of being caught off guard when the next wave of innovations arrives.

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