Home Maintenance Tasks to Remember for Long Travels

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Are you someone who frequently travels? Or maybe you have recently decided to move in somewhere temporarily to help a family member? Whatever the case, leaving your home for a long period still requires you to do basic maintenance. Naturally, it won’t be like your usual chores like vacuuming, but the maintenance needed is more about the structure of the home itself.

If you think that you’re going to be away for months, then make the necessary preparations now before you travel.


For homes that are located in areas that tend to get a lot of storms and such, you may want to get your lawn maintained while you are away. If you have a tree, it is best to get it trimmed before leaving. Strong winds and rain can cause branches to away and break. This can end up crashing into your windows and roofs if not well-maintained. You can’t exactly predict the weather if you are gone for months, so making the necessary preparation now is good practice.

It would be best to take advantage of sprinklers and other services that help maintain your garden. It would be such a waste to have your nice flowers dry out while you are away. There’s always the option of asking the neighbors or a professional, but if you don’t want people going into your property, you can install smart sprinklers. These have programmable times for scheduled and consistent watering.


If you will be gone and have no one to watch your home, it is important to have your windows secured. First, you have to make sure that the locks are secured to prevent someone from breaking in. Being gone a long time will leave your home vulnerable to those who want to steal from you. Over time, some of the locks and frames may have weakened. It is best to have them reinforced before you leave or move.

You need to consider window washing, especially if you will be gone for months. It should be cleaned at least once a month or two. Dirt and dust can accumulate on the glass surface over time, which damages and weakens the material. Not only does it cause scratches, but the window may also break in time. Aside from that, discoloration and increase opacity can occur. These can cause permanent damage to the windows, and you’ll be forced to replace them later on.

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Normally, people say to leave some lights on to make it appear as if your house is not empty, but this can be a dangerous and costly practice. For one, it’s not realistic to have your lights on 24 hours a day, especially when it’s around midnight. This will end with your electricity bills going up and light bulbs to overheat. When the bulbs are always on, it gets hotter, and this can cause a fire when they pop. It might also melt the coating and damage the bulb itself.

With appliances and gadgets, make sure that you unplug them, especially if it is plugged to the wall. An electrical storm may occur when there is thunder. This will cause a power surge to all items that are still plugged in. Many electronics, such as televisions and computers, get damaged when there is too much voltage. Instead of plugging everything you have at home, another option is to switch off the main power itself.


Gutters, drainage, and pipes should be regularly cleaned out, especially after rain. If you are away for months, the dirt and debris may accumulate over time. This can cause major damages to the structure and foundation of the house. For gutters, too much debris can cause it to sag, and water won’t be properly shut out. The water can leak into your roof and wall. This will weaken the structures because the moisture causes harmful mold to form.

Drainage is important to clear out before leaving because it can get clogged. Clogged drains cause flooding, which will definitely ruin your yard. In worst cases, the flood water may seep into the cracks of your door. You can hire a professional and schedule them to clean these areas when you are away. It doesn’t have to be that often, but you should clean them every three months or so.


Your responsibilities don’t disappear when you travel. Lack of maintenance is the number one reason why homes deteriorate. Don’t just let your home fall apart while you’re on vacation. These damages can end up costing you a fortune once you have to move back in.

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