How the Pandemic Has Changed the Wedding Scene

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Weddings in the past came in different packages. Some celebrate their weddings intimately, with only the closest of family and friends in attendance. Some couples opt for big celebrations and invite all their friends, officemates, and family. No matter how¬†couples choose to celebrate their weddings, every wedding is a happy celebration of love and two families’ merging.

As the pandemic continued to spread globally and local restrictions are being put in place early this year, many couples had to postpone their wedding later in the year to even next year. One thing is for sure. Weddings will never be the same again with the health threat that the coronavirus brings.

Weddings amid the Global Pandemic

As restrictions started to ease up all over the world, many couples proceeded with their weddings. Indeed, planning for a wedding was never easy, even before the pandemic. Partners try to merge their individual lives, interests, preferences, families, and friends. Then the bride has to choose among racks of wedding gowns, the couples have to decide on a venue that they both like, choose wedding suppliers, and the list of tasks seemingly goes on forever. The result is usually a chaotic string of events. However, pushing through with a wedding celebration in the middle of a health crisis has its own new set of considerations and concerns, bringing in even more stress to everyone involved.

How Many Guests Can You Invite?

It really depends on where you will have your wedding. Each state in the US has its own set of guidelines for gatherings such as weddings and parties. In some states, the jurisdiction is left to the counties and cities. Restrictions can then vary if you will have an indoor or an outdoor wedding. The rules can also change without prior notice since restrictions adapt to the current surge of the virus’ infection rates.

Some states require that your guests don’t exceed 50, while in some states, couples can invite up to 100 guests. There are also states that only require that the number of guests will not exceed 50% of the capacity of the location.

In the past months, many couples have found ways to go through with their big celebrations. An August wedding with 67 guests in attendance ended up with 177 cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths. A happy celebration had quickly turned into an irreparable disaster.

The fact is, normal weddings will be out of the table for a while. Even if your location has loose restrictions, conscience and common sense dictate that the fewer the guests, the safer. The world is dealing with a virus that is transmitted from person to person. It will be prudent and responsible for keeping guests at a minimum to lessen risk exposure. There will also be likely guests coming from different states and cities, increasing the risk exposure of everyone on the guest list.

Another thing about pandemic weddings is the 10 to 14-day incubation period that everyone in attendance must observe. The fear and the worry that anyone might display symptoms of the COVID-19 virus will always weigh on everyone, especially the couple.

The Rise of Virtual Weddings

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Virtual events became the norm in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Due to restrictions in public gatherings, event planners turned to the safest option: live streaming. From conferences, seminars, religious gatherings, to even concerts, people can gather virtually and safely.

Weddings are no exception. Couples who want to push through with their union can share their celebrations with the important people in their lives through virtual weddings. Senior family members and those who are immunocompromised can safely join in the celebration without sacrificing their health and peace of mind. The best part is, friends and families from other parts of the world can also witness your wedding. You can celebrate your love without endangering yourselves and the people that you deeply care for.

Some companies have seen the benefits of virtual weddings and have taken steps to make it more enjoyable for the couple and their virtual guests. Services such as a live guest book, chat group, and even allowing guests to make their toasts and speeches make virtual weddings more fun and interactive. Even an MC oversees the whole event to make it smooth, organized, and harmonious.

Safety Above All

The pandemic has made everyone realize that you do not really need a grand wedding. The most important attendees of a wedding are the couple themselves. By opting for a virtual wedding, you are sparing your family and friends the guilt. Some of them would say no to your invitation for a physical wedding but would later feel guilty for disappointing you. Some of them would say yes, and then worry throughout the celebration if they contracted the virus from any guests. Spare yourself and every one the trouble, and keep it simple. If you want to go through with the union and feel like you cannot postpone it any longer, a virtual wedding might be your best option as of the moment.

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