How to Make Money in the Horse Industry

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Horses are some of the most expensive animals to own and maintain. The cost of buying a horse alone can be astronomically high, especially for top breeds, but the maintenance thereafter can be just as expensive, if not more so. Luckily, there are several ways you can make money from your equine friends. If it’s not to make an entire business out of your horses, you can at least offset some of the costs of maintenance.

Here are some of the best ways you can make money with your horses.

1. Sell used equipment and tools

If you are upgrading your tack, tools, or other horse equipment, selling off your used horse stuff can line your pockets with a little extra money and defray some of the costs of the new equipment. Headstalls, for one, can sell for a significant amount of money even when used. The same goes for other costly pieces, such as saddles, reins, and stirrups.

Try offering your used gear to other riders that you know first. They will know the true cost of horse gear and are more likely to offer you a reasonable price for them. Alternatively, you can sell your gear online on places like eBay or FB Marketplace.

2. Accept boarders

Taking in one or two boarders on your property can help reduce the costs of feeding, housing, and maintaining the horses that you own. It might even give you a little extra profit on the side, even if you charge less than actual boarding facilities in your area. However, keep in mind that taking in more horses means more work, which may entail the need for extra hands to help you with feeding, bathing, and cleaning the stalls. Moreover, you are now responsible for other people’s horses, which means you must keep an eye on them carefully as you would your own.

When accepting boarders on your property, have the owners sign an agreement that will prevent you from getting sued if something happens to the owners while riding or handling the horses. This agreement should also include horse requirements such as vaccinations, deworming, and health check-ups performed by a licensed veterinarian.

3. Train horses

If you have adequate skills and experience in training horses, put them to good use by offering training services to other horse owners. You may need to get an associate degree in equine science or equine studies to become an official horse trainer, so make sure to look up the rules in your area to find out if you need formal schooling.

Aside from being a great way to monetize your skills in riding and training horses, you’ll be doing a job that you love, surrounded by beautiful equine animals and helping them become well-trained horses in the process.

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4. Groom horses

Grooming a horse can be an incredibly tedious job, which is why a lot of horse owners need help in regular grooming. Offer grooming services to other horse owners or trainers, such as brushing, trimming tails, bathing, and administering first aid, among many other tasks to earn extra money on the side.

If you are also good at show grooming, take up the opportunity to groom show horses for their owners. While show grooming may be a lot more tedious than regular grooming, the compensation will well be worth it. Plus, you can travel with the owner to show locations and enjoy the events for free.

5. Find a lessee

Putting half a lease on your horse is an excellent way to cut your expenses in half and give your horse adequate riding time. Find a lessee that rides at least as well as you do, if not better (if they ride better than you, that’s also free training), and make sure they sign an agreement that specifically states the days that they are allowed to ride.

Horse keeping is a very expensive hobby. If you want to reduce your expenses, try one or more of these strategies to make money with your horses on the side.

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