People Management 101: How to Manage Your Team Better as a Boss

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If you’re running a business, then you’ve probably heard that you need a strong team to help bring your ideas to fruition. After all, an entrepreneur is only as strong as their weakest soldiers. However, managing people is far from easy.

Because there are so many things to think about, it can be difficult to know where to even start. You have to worry about making sure your employees are productive, motivated, well-trained, and capable of doing their jobs, among others. Plus, you have to worry about your responsibilities on top of all that.

This is especially true when you’re running a general contractor business because you have to coordinate with many people and make sure everything goes smoothly. You might be thinking that it’s impossible, but you’d be surprised by how much better your business would do if you just tried to improve your management skills.

So, here are six ways that you can be a better boss to your employees:

1. Create a clear, written set of goals for each employee

Goal-setting is an important part of leadership. The reason it’s so important is that it lets your employees know what you expect of them and how they can make the company great. However, you have to make sure that they’re part of the goal-setting process.

That way, they’re more likely to reach them because they had a part to play in the company’s success. Instead of simply carrying out orders, your employees will have a more active role because you value their opinions and contributions.

2. Meet with your employees regularly to discuss their progress

Once you set goals for your employees, you have to meet with them regularly to discuss their progress. You can do this by simply sitting down and talking with them or by using online project management software—whichever is more convenient.

If you don’t talk to your employees about how they’re doing, they won’t know what’s expected of them or how to improve. As a result, they’ll struggle to meet your expectations and ultimately fail. This can also be a great way to gauge whether they need more guidance or training to accomplish their tasks.

3. Provide regular feedback and constructive criticism

If you want your employees to thrive, then you have to provide them with regular feedback and constructive criticism. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to praise them when they do good work because it can help lift their spirits and boost morale.

Feedback is essential to growth. Your employees already know that there are some things that they need to work on, but that’s only part of the picture. They also need to know what they’re doing right because it gives them hope for success.

Just make sure you don’t criticize your employees when they make mistakes. Instead of tearing them down, offer guidance on how to avoid similar problems in the future. After all, mistakes are inevitable because no one’s perfect, not even you.

4. Give rewards when they’re warranted

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While it’s important to reward your employees for their hard work, you have to make sure that you give them out only when they’re warranted. You can’t just give out rewards all the time because it’ll have the opposite effect and demotivate them.

However, rewarding your employees when they do good work will keep them motivated to keep doing better. For instance, if you finish a job earlier than expected, you can treat your team to a fancy dinner to thank them for a job well done.

5. Take the time to train new hires on the company’s policies

One of the best ways to become a better boss is to make sure that your new employees know what they’re doing when they start. You can’t expect them to find their way around the company in a few days or weeks unless you properly train them.

Plus, when you do training sessions during orientation, it’ll make your employees feel like the company cares about them. That’s because you’re providing them with information that can help them do their job better. This is especially true if they’re new to the team or industry, which means they might not know any of the company policies or procedures for doing their job.

6. Be mindful of how much work you give your employees

Lastly, to become a better boss, you must make sure that you’re not giving too much work to your employees. That’s because it can lead to them not meeting deadlines or doing their job properly. In other words, don’t overload them, or they’ll get burnt out.

Research shows that an average employee only works effectively for 52 minutes before needing a break. So if your employees are constantly working with no downtime, then they’ll struggle to focus and eventually start producing low-quality work.

Taking care of your employees is one of the best ways to become a better boss. Remember that it’s not just about achieving results for yourself. It’s also about helping your employees succeed by providing them with the tools they need to do their job well. Happy employees are productive employees, which means your company will see more revenue as a result.

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