Invest or Avoid: The Business of Daycare

children in daycare center
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Entrepreneurship pays off best when the business you start aligns with your passions. This means that the type of business you start plays a significant role in your level of fulfillment as well as in your financial goals. Daycare centers are one area of business where the personal rewards are possibly higher than the financial prospects. But you have to truly care about giving children a safe and healthy environment to thrive. It is about more than looking after them while their parents work.

It is personalized childcare where you understand each child’s needs and can cater to them. You will need to invest in healthy meals for the children, in first aid and childcare training for your employees, purchase pediatric therapy and medical supplies, get licensing and state approval, and much more. Children gain a lot of benefits from being in an enriching daycare environment.   But the experience depends a great deal on the care your center provides. Are the children able to interact with each other? Are they allowed to participate in activities? Is there room for them to learn at their own pace and receive effective feedback?

Daycare centers are good business, they are a reliable source of income as parents are one of the most dependable target demographics you can have. But, running a good daycare center is very much about finding ways to combine a passion project with practical milestones and goals. It might be best to start small or simply to do more research into understanding the daycare center business.

Certified Home Daycare

You will need to get certifications, a home inspection, and pass first aid classes to qualify as a home daycare center. You can work out of your own home as long as you keep it to a specific quality of safety and cleanliness including displaying your license clearly.

This is a great way to supplement your income if you are already a stay-at-home parent. It allows you to continue looking after your children while providing them with valuable social interactions. You will also have more of a budget and a drive to create educationally enriching activities for the children to learn and grow.

children in daycare center

Daycare Center

A licensed daycare center must employ people who have training and education in childcare. They must also qualify for first aid certifications and you have to have at least a few people who are qualified to work with special needs children. This is also a commercial building dedicated to the purpose of childcare and education.

You can still enroll your own children for free, but you will no longer be the primary caretaker as you will be the manager of the business. Naturally, this takes more capital and you will have a different guideline to follow than a home daycare.

Practical Benefits of Daycare Centers

A home daycare has an advantage over a daycare center when it comes to tax benefits. You can deduct the cost of household bills because your home is your place of business. Deductions can also apply to any food, toys, supplies, educational activities, and transportation that you purchase with the intent of using them for daycare activities. This means that you can give your children and your daycare charges fulfilling experiences, take them to fun places, and feed them fresh and organic food without charging too high a price from their parents.

Daycare centers are due a bit more in terms of benefits than a regular business because it is involved in childcare, but the tax rates will be the same as a commercial business. You can look into state funding to subsidize a more comfortable space and add more activities or employees to help with the children. In addition, you can also explore working with a business so that you provide all their employees’ childcare needs. This could give you a contract for a great deal of revenue and you won’t have to build up your reputation slowly over time.

Whether you run a home daycare or a daycare center, you cannot really take too much sick leave. The regulations for running a childcare center demand that a specific number of qualified adults be around the children at all times. But children get sick easily, so not having an effective medical plan in place can also cause a lot of issues.

This medical plan also needs to factor in vigilance to notice when a child is sick. Communicable diseases like the flu and chickenpox pass quickly within a daycare center and can cause scheduling nightmares for you, your employees, and the children’s parents.

The pandemic has made it even more important that we understand how diseases spread. Sanitation and cleanliness cannot be emphasized enough and you need to prioritize teaching the children and your staff, how to be hygienic even when unwell.

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