Link Builders: Who Makes Up an SEO Team?

An SEO and Digital Marketing Team
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When you’re investing in a search engine optimization (SEO) service, it’s not enough to know the rates. To fully understand what you’re spending your company’s money in, take time to comprehend even just the basics of the service. This isn’t saying you should perform exhaustive research on the service – the provider can explain the basics to you – but it helps to understand the process by knowing who is involved.

Doing so doesn’t only give you an idea of their roles, but also why you need them. After all, you’re basically trusting them to represent your brand in a powerful platform: the internet. “Every day, millions of potential customers search online for goods and services they need and want,” states a Utah-based SEO services company.

So, who do you need to achieve a greater online brand presence and convert users into customers? The core members of an SEO team include:

Project Manager

The project manager acts as the team lead who delegates tasks to team members. They make sure that the group meets deliverables and deadlines for the campaign.

Project managers need to have great project and time management skills as they deal with multiple accounts simultaneously. Also, they provide client support when necessary. That is why it’s essential that they know how to collect and analyze data through tools like Google Analytics. Then, they report to the clients about the health of the campaign.

SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist is mainly responsible for researching and implementing ways to maximize website traffic and improve rankings on the search engine results pages. To do so, they perform keyword research by identifying niche topics in their clients’ industry, determining buyer personas, or going through internet forums.

The specialist also analyzes the website’s performance, as well as studying ever-changing Google algorithms to keep up with digital marketing trends. Through their research, the SEO specialist recommends changes in linking strategies, content, and web design when applicable. However, at the end of the day, the entire team follows their client’s decision.

Content Writer

Content is king, and web copywriters are the kingmakers.

They regularly do industry research, ideate, and write content that appeals to internet users and is optimized for search engines. They write blogs, white papers, advertorials, and the content of the business website itself, depending on what the client wants.

While their pieces are typically keyword-driven, they should still be valuable and shareable. The writers produce copies that are not only shareable, but can prompt users to take the desired action (e.g., buying, contacting, or subscribing).

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

A website isn’t all about writing, and content isn’t all about words. Graphic artists are responsible for website design, its layout, and the overall visual media of the campaign, which are all pieces of content. They integrate the brand’s identity in every aspect of the web layout to create a unique, recognizable impression.

They make sure that the client’s website is clean, compelling, navigable, and user-friendly. A good website layout allows a user to find answers to their questions easily. Otherwise, they might exit.

Web Developer

The web developers turn the web pages into code. Google bots crawl these codes for indexing – when your web page isn’t indexed, it doesn’t exist on the internet. Web developers work with graphic artists to design the website and modify it when necessary.

Web developers are skilled in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other programming skills. They are also responsible for pagination, overseeing HTTPS status codes for security purposes, and mobile website development.

Equally important, web developers build a responsive website design, which is vital because 40 percent of internet users leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

When you know the roles of each team member, you will understand the entire process better. Apart from that, you will learn how these content marketers can help you boost your online presence, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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