Maintaining Safety in the Office Post-COVID

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  • Employers must implement social distancing guidelines, build safety protocols and provide sanitizing stations to ensure safety in the office post-COVID.
  • High-quality UV disinfection equipment and strict cleaning protocols can help reduce the spread risk.
  • Temperature checks should be conducted to identify any infected employees.
  • Resources such as paid leave and mental health assistance should be provided for infected personnel.

The importance of safety for employees inside the office post-COVID cannot be overstated. As we all know, the virus has dramatically impacted the workplace, and employers must adopt measures to ensure their staff remains safe while in the office. It is clear that workers have a right to feel secure at their place of employment, and employers must take action to protect them from any potential harm.

According to a recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study, approximately half of all working adults fear returning to work due to concerns about contracting COVID-19. Research further shows that 83% of employees believe their employer should do more to keep them safe.

So what should you do when ensuring safety in the workplace? Here are a few tips to help you during this time:

Implement Social Distancing Guidelines

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Social distancing is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the office. Keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between people significantly lowers their chances of transmitting the virus. Additionally, social distancing can help reduce employee anxiety and stress by increasing physical space and creating a more calming environment.

Employers should create clear policies about social distancing that outline how much space should be kept between desks and other workspaces; when personnel should stay at least 6 feet apart; and where physical barriers, such as plexiglass dividers, should be placed. It is also essential for employers to enforce these guidelines regularly so employees know they are being taken seriously.

In addition to these safety measures, employers can incorporate other strategies like rearranging furniture to increase workspace spacing, requiring masks inside the office, and using floor stickers or other visual markers to remind workers to keep their distance. These precautions will ensure everyone can work comfortably while protecting each other from infection.

Build Safety Protocols

In addition to social distancing, employers must also build safety protocols that protect their staff from the virus. Here are a few extras you can utilize for employee safety against COVID-19:

High-Quality UV Disinfection Equipment

An effective way to keep office spaces safe and sanitized is through high-quality UV disinfection equipment. This technology has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, and other germs on surfaces within five minutes of exposure. Employers can use these devices in common areas like lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms, and everyday items such as keyboards and phones.

Strict Cleaning Protocols

To keep employees safe post-COVID, employers must also establish strict cleaning protocols. High-traffic areas such as door handles, light switches, countertops, and desks should be cleaned regularly throughout the day with approved disinfectants specifically designed to fight against viral infections. Additionally, any shared supplies should be wiped down before use with a cloth or paper towel saturated in a disinfectant solution.

Temperature Checks

The last step an employer can take to maintain safety in the office is to implement temperature checks for staff members entering the building each day. By bringing everyone’s temperature at the start of the workday, employers can quickly identify anyone with an elevated temperature due to COVID-19 infection or other illnesses. This process will help prevent sick employees from entering the workspace, which may also put others at risk of infection.

Sanitizing Stations


Finally, employers should provide sanitizing stations around their office space for their personnel’s convenience and protection from infection. These stations can include dispensers with hand sanitizer or wipes so staff can easily clean their hands whenever needed without having to go far away from their workspace or take too much time out of their day if they need to wash up quickly between meetings or tasks.

Create a System for Infected Employees

No matter how many safety protocols you put in place, it is still possible that an employee may become infected with the virus. To ensure your staff members are cared for during this time, employers must create a system for identifying and managing employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Under the system, infected employees should be given paid leave or other reasonable accommodations, such as flexible scheduling, until they fully recover. Employers should also provide resources like counseling services or mental health assistance to help employees deal with any fear and anxiety associated with their infection.

Final Thoughts

The safety of your staff should always be a top priority in the office post-COVID. Taking these measures can go a long way in creating a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. From social distancing to temperature checks, employers should do everything they can to protect their workers from infection while allowing them to do their jobs with peace of mind. In this challenging time, employers must take responsibility for the well-being of all employees and provide them with the resources they need to stay safe.

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