Marketing Your Bridal Store the Right Way

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Having brides-to-be and grooms-to-be come to your bridal store for an appointment is not always a guarantee that their visit will translate to a sale. The standard practice for customers is that they go from store to store before settling on the one dress, suit, or other that they want to wear for their wedding.

This is understandable, as everyone wants to look their best on their big day. However, it makes the jobs of various bridal store owners more stressful.

When you have opened a bridal store, how can you attract people to visit your store? And once you have successfully encouraged them to come in, how do you make sure that they make a purchase?

These are essential questions to ask. While there are various answers, we have specific tips and tricks to pull more people into your store.

How to Attract More People to Your Bridal Shop

Your approach should not focus solely on offline or online efforts. An appropriate mix of both leads you to success. Here are a few ways you can do to attract potential customers:

1. Offer a Variety of Items, and Ensure People Are Aware

Just because you are a bridal store does not mean that you have to sell wedding gowns exclusively. Offering different items that people can use on their wedding day or other formal events immediately broadens your market. It gives people more reason to come back to your shop.

You can make a name for yourself as a one-stop-shop for all things weddings. You can partner with brands to offer engagement rings from Hatton Garden, wedding rings, garters, cords, and even suits and bridesmaid dresses.

Make sure that customers know that you offer a wide range of products. Mention the categories of items in your shop on your social media bio or store descriptions so that customers know what to expect when they enter.

2. Have Clean, Inviting Interiors

One means of free publicity that your bridal store can receive is social media posts made by customers during their fittings. However, these pictures will not entice new customers to visit your shop if they are not eye-catching.

Set up a photo wall in which your store name is visible. Include a few props that people can use when they take pictures, such as a sash or small placards, for example.

Beautify the rest of your store and arrange racks to make them easy to browse and pleasant to look at. Have large mirrors and good lighting in fitting rooms to help brides see their dresses from various angles. Make sure to have upholstered seating so that friends and family can comfortably sit while waiting.

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3. Have Incentives for Same-day Purchases

When customers come in for fittings, their goal is to browse and narrow down their options. Give them reasons to choose the quicker route of purchasing on that day.

Allow them to take their time while browsing and offer genuine feedback when prompted. When couples find something they like, tell them about the perks of making the purchase today. Usually, these incentives are discounts, freebies such as hangers and garment bags, or even complimentary dry-cleaning or steam-cleaning after the wedding.

Customers are usually not willing to make a first-day purchase on something as crucial as a bridal gown, so make that choice inviting for them.

4. Build Relationships with Other Businesses

The usual online ads and SEO tools are indeed vital to help spread the word about your business. However, nothing can replace a well-maintained and continuously expanding network.

Attend bridal expos and have trunk shows to promote your business. Keep in contact with related businesses, too, such as wedding photographers, event organizers, and flower arrangement suppliers. You can help promote each other’s services on your social media channels.

When you post content from shoots, credit everyone involved as a show of respect. Support promos and events from your partner businesses by resharing their posts and commenting on them. These are nice gestures and a way to introduce a broader audience to your store.

5. Share Authentic Stories Online

Appeal to the emotions of your audience online. Aside from mentioning the perks of coming to your bridal store, share real stories from newlyweds and other customers who had a great experience. Accomplish this by sharing reviews, testimonials, and photos from the event.

Major events such as weddings and birthdays have emotional importance to the customers who come to your store. Therefore, you must show them how to choose the proper attire—and all other aspects—that transforms their experience for the better.

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