Modern Health: Five Technologies to Help You Achieve Better Health

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We often think technology makes us engage in bad habits. Addiction to gadgets can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Mindless use of social media can increase one’s risk for anxiety, loneliness, depression, self-esteem, and even suicidal thoughts. Heavy smartphone use can interfere with one’s ability to get enough quality sleep. As the list goes on, we can’t help but wonder if the positive effects of technology will ever outweigh the cons.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to how we make use of the available technology. Too much of anything good is never healthy. But certain innovations can help boost our health and wellness.

Climate Comfort System

Sleep is crucial for everyone’s health. This is the very reason we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. This is when numerous biological processes crucial for our overall health happen.

When it comes to sleep, the temperature of our surroundings is critical. The recommended temperature while sleeping 18.3 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But then, not all people all the same.

Most women tend to get cold while men feel warm at night. This is a common issue for couples who have a different idea of what the ideal temperature is for them to enjoy a more restful sleep. Thankfully, there now exist a climate comfort system to help resolve such an issue.

We are not referring to your trusty old HVAC system. But this climate comfort system does help improve the quality of sleep. A cooling and heating machine works by regulating the temperature of your bed to make sure you maintain a desirable climate all night long.

Air Fryer

What we eat can affect both our waistline and our health. If you often find yourself eating fatty food items but want to start eating healthy, the current hype is the air fryer. Many people would vouch for this machine thanks to its low-fuss cooking capacity.

An air fryer basically allows you to enjoy a quick and fun way to cook things with less fat. One only needs a little bit of oil to fry food items. This means you no longer need to waste too much oil and get all that oily-goodness when frying food on a deep-fryer.

The air fryer can be a good alternative if you want to enjoy lower-fat fried foods. It does take up space, can be a bit costly, and is not as simple to set up. But it does make up in efficiency, is very easy to clean, and cooks quick enough.

Health and Wellness Apps

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Experts know how much of a heavy user people can be. So, what better way to offer an easy and accessible way to educate and motivate us to be healthier than mobile apps? Now, we can enjoy a variety of apps from those that count your steps, monitor your calorie intake, and even help achieve better mental health.

The kind of app you can download depends on what you want to achieve. For instance, you want to start eating healthy and exercise more. You can opt for a nutrition app that helps you monitor your nutrition, plan your meals, and track your fitness.

Some apps help improve your mental health. Nothing can replace a personalized therapy plan. But these apps can be a good alternative if you are not yet ready to face a professional.

Fitness Video Games

Not all video games are created equal. Some can help you get that daily exercise you badly needed as long as you know which one to choose. Now, you have more reasons to buy that game console you’ve been dreaming of.

Fitness video games can be a good idea now that the gym is not yet safe due to the pandemic. Now, you can try out boxing, practice your dance skills, and enjoy a more fun way of exercising.

Tech-based Intervention for Addiction

An increasing number of people are battling different types of addiction, including alcohol and substance abuse. Due to the crisis and the increase of tech use among all ages, experts are now using tech-based intervention to help consumers cure their addiction.

  • Online Education

Websites, social media, etc. are now used to spread useful information that aims to help people battling addiction. People will be more aware if they are indeed showing signs and symptoms of addiction. Knowing the consequences and how to find the right support helps kids and adults alike to take the first step towards recovery.

  • Online Treatments

Many people with addiction are ashamed of their condition and are unwilling to visit a treatment center. Online treatment makes it easier for them to get the necessary intervention without leaving the house. Now, you can start fighting your addiction without anyone knowing or noticing.

  • Mobile Apps

Now exist certain mobile apps that help people recover from their addiction. One can receive aftercare to avoid the chances of relapsing.

It’s amazing just how useful technology can be. Choosing the right technology that fits your needs can help motivate you to start eating healthier, fight addiction, get more quality sleep, and have more fun while you exercise. Consider your goals when choosing the right technology for better health and wellness.

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