Achieving the Classic Modern Rustic Look for Your Home

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The classic modern rustic aesthetic for interiors is the culmination and 2020s version of the modern farmhouse and the “light, bright, airy, and open” trends of the past few years. It’s all about combining rustic accents and materials with mid-century modern furniture while emphasizing comfort, elegance, and a slightly eclectic vibe.

It’s the ideal style for people living under one house who may not agree between comfort and sleekness because it combines both styles effortlessly and seamlessly. It’s the look you’ve seen countless times through publications like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Vogue Living, and others, but probably never had the word for.

If you want to achieve this ultra-trendy look for your home, here are some key pointers you need to know.

Mind the exteriors

If you truly want this look for your home, you have to ensure that it will look great with the exteriors and the property’s natural architecture. Some defining elements include:

  • Stone and raw wood are usually the primary materials used for modern rustic homes. If you are building your property from the ground up, make sure to remind your architect or designer about it. Ask them how they will incorporate these natural elements into the architecture.
  • Mind the fence! It’s usually the first thing homeowners forget when trying to create a cohesive look for their homes. It’s a mistake to do so because your gate and fence play a big part in your home’s curb appeal. Talk to your fencing contractor about how they can design and build the fence in a way that matches the classic modern rustic look you’re trying to go for.
  • Opt for a gable roof. It’s one of the defining marks of modern farmhouse homes.
  • Choose neutral colors. Black and white paired with natural wood can instantly make the exteriors of your property appear as “rustic” and “farmhouse” as possible, even before you install furnishings and more details.

rustic living room

Make comfort the priority and foundation

The first keyword you need to remember when trying this style is comfort. This means that the biggest pieces of furniture you should have in every room should never be short on comfort while maintaining a streamlined look. Here are some pieces you need to invest in for every room:

  • A large, cozy, sectional, oversized couch or sofa for the living room
  • Upholstered and plush beds for the bedrooms
  • A rustic and oversized dining table made of wood for the dining room—and it needs to seat as many people as possible

Remember that when deciding on the largest pieces of furniture for your home, the deciding factors should be how comfortable it would be and how simple and streamlined it is. Another thing you need to remember is that the house should be laid out in a way that will allow for plenty of comfortable conversations and socializing, no matter the number of people.

Mid-century modern accents are the second priority

Next to comfort, mid-century modern accents with a modern twist are the next elements of design you need to incorporate. Once you’ve laid out the elements that will make your interiors feel light and comfortable, mid-century pieces of furniture and design accents are the next order of business. This specific style of design will help make your home look more eclectic and elevated. Here are the marks of furniture pieces that are mid-century modern:

  • Form follows function, which means the furniture piece must be something you will be able to make lots of use out of. For example, if it’s cabinetry or a console table, they need to store many items and don’t just exist to make your space look cute.
  • The lines should be sleek, clean, and uncluttered, and preferable with geometric and organic forms.
  • The ornaments, if any, should be minimal.
  • Mid-century modern furniture pieces are usually made of traditional materials like wood, but they can also be made of newer materials like glass, plywood, vinyl, metal, Lucite, and Plexiglass.
  • As for colors, these furniture pieces usually come in a wide range of shades and hues, from bold to neutral, as well as the use of white and black as primary colors.

This style of home may be trendy, and many homeowners might already be doing it. But there’s a way to do it that still lets your uniqueness and personality shine through. Don’t just copy every showroom or Pinterest post you see piece-by-piece; find elements that work for you and combine them with personal touches like a piece of art you love or personal pictures. Happy decorating!

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