Optimized LinkedIn Company Page: 6 Ways to Manage It Successfully

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest online networking platform fit for every professional. It includes company and employee profiles, allowing users to grow their careers by searching for jobs, finding contacts, and receiving recommendations.

Success on the platform can depend on your profile’s reputation. Hence, it’s best to create a marketing strategy that will meet your company’s goals: social selling, business hiring, customer connection, or all of the three.

You can start your strategy by knowing LinkedIn’s demographics, who you can reach, and what will differentiate your profile from your competitors.

Through LinkedIn, companies can build their branding by boosting awareness and recruit employees. There are several ways for a company to use LinkedIn to its advantage.

1. Complete the basics

It is essential to introduce yourself to other LinkedIn users, so remember to upload your logo, description like your company’s vision, mission, values, and description of your services. Include your contact number, your company size, website URL, banner or cover photo, and your company type and industry.

In the About Us section, you can include a short story of how you started your business, who you hire as an employee,  and who your clients are. This can form a brand identity and, if you add the right keywords, can help your page rank higher with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in search results.

Completing your LinkedIn page’s basic information will guarantee 30% more traffic. You can also add a custom button like register, contact us, learn more, and sign up. This will encourage action from your site visitors.

2. Optimize posts for reach and impact

LinkedIn’s algorithm ranks its post depending on personal connections, audience’s interest relevance, and engagement probability. To achieve this, you must keep your posts relevant and concise. You should know how to reach out to some contacts for active communication and share some industry-related news.

You can also include a call to action (CTA), like “give us a call” or “learn more.” If there’s a CTA at the end of your post, it can lead the audience to your website. Also, post updates from your company page and promote every accomplishment.

3. Hire people to manage it

It’s better if you have a set of people working on the LinkedIn page. They can be focused on making it grow, producing content, interacting with people, making connections, and building the company brand. This is a long-term commitment, and you will have to stay relevant and consistent in the long run.

You can also ask them to set up or join LinkedIn groups to discuss and share relevant news and industry-related information. These can be a valuable source of sharing your brand and engaging with other professionals you may find competent to work for your company.

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4. Share useful content

Posting with photos tends to receive more comments than without images and use custom images rather than stock photos to make it appear more genuine. You can add PDFs, SlideShare, and Powerpoint presentations to your posts.

You can also share videos since LinkedIn is a video-friendly platform. Just remember to keep them short. People’s attention span tends to be shorter nowadays, so you’ll be able to catch theirs with informational videos lasting about five to ten minutes. However, you can also share videos that are thirty minutes long.

Upload them directly on the platform, too, and not just a link from YouTube. LinkedIn’s algorithm is hungry for video content, so engagement is guaranteed. For example, a behavioral health medical billing company can include their customers’ reviews or a short introduction of their services on their page.

5. Get and give endorsements

You can ask your employees to connect with your company profile. Give them a god endorsement from your personal profile in return. These give-and-take interactions are a great way to build a network since they will be notified of the company’s news, opportunities, and other posts.

Another way is to ask your customers and clients directly for an endorsement. You can also ask followers who interact with the company’s posts.

6. Post at least once a week and at the right time

Post regularly on the page to build an audience. According to LinkedIn, companies that post weekly see twice the engagement while brands that post once a day gain more traffic. But no matter how often you post, it needs to be at the best time, which are 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Building your company’s LinkedIn page is an excellent way to create a platform where you can share updates, news, accomplishments, and company profile with other companies and professionals. Just be consistent with posting on time and creating interactive content. There are a lot of features that LinkedIn has, like the Careers and Showcases Page. It’s entirely up to you and your team how you’ll make it work to your advantage.

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