Out-of-the-box Marketing Strategies to Get More Leads During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Operating and marketing a healthcare business has never been more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. People have put off routine checkups and doctor’s appointments to avoid getting infected. As a result, healthcare providers are exerting efforts by changing their marketing strategies and applying different medical approaches (i.e., telemedicine) to reach out to patients who choose to stay at home.

Before COVID-19, there were around one billion search queries monthly seeking medical advice. By the first half of 2020, these searches continue to grow at an unimaginable rate. The rise of COVID-19 cases globally has encouraged small and big healthcare organizations to come forward and increase awareness about COVID-19.

As COVID-19 grows at an alarming rate, healthcare businesses and marketers are maximizing digital tools to ensure the healthcare system remains functional and curb the growing panic. These include using the Internet and social media to guide and interact with people about healthcare. With this in mind, we will talk about new and effective approaches to ensure successful healthcare marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know the strategies to drive patient growth during this period of pandemic and beyond.

Streamline marketing strategies

In a study by Grand View Research, the chiropractic industry is seeing a steady growth by 2025. In fact, many people are having a greater desire for holistic approaches to traditional healthcare. The increased acceptance and awareness resulted in a surge of referrals from practitioners and physicians. So if you’re managing a chiropractic clinic, this is a great opportunity to work on your marketing strategies.

Step up your marketing efforts by developing a great online presence. According to a survey by App Annie, an application analytics platform, the COVID-19 crisis has brought seismic shifts in how businesses and consumers interact. In fact, the time spent on mobile applications rose to 20%. This is great news for online marketers planning to use organic marketing strategies instead of using sponsored posts and paid advertising.

A great way to start is to create a functional website. Although it takes years to land a fair ranking in search engines such as Google, work on it by enlisting your healthcare business in medical directories. Begin with the websites on the first page of search results and work your way down. Make sure to include photos and important information, such as the business name, contact number, address, and services offered.

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Focus on patient needs

Believe it or not, positive thinking goes a long way when forming marketing initiatives. If you think people are unaware of your practice and unfamiliar with the benefits of your medical approaches, it’s about time to spread awareness. Encourage your current patients to talk about your expertise and share experiences on Google or social media accounts. You can also post these reviews on your business website.

Leverage your social media page by updating it with relevant articles about medical breakthroughs in your field and helpful advice on health, well-being, and nutrition. This technique will provide an ounce of hope for patients to achieve recovery and explore medical possibilities through your practice. If you cannot find time to write original posts, share links from healthcare organizations and other reputable medical websites.

Offering deals for new patients will also encourage them to come to your door. For example, a patient suffering from a chronic condition will likely avail of your services if you offered them a great deal. Whether it is a free laboratory test, a discounted package, or a free all-inclusive consultation, the technique is to capture their interest and discover what you can offer. But be careful when offering discounted or free services, since not all customers who avail them have long-term plans to engage with your business.

A better tip is to offer discounted or free services to patients who referred you to their family and friends. Not only will you keep these patients happy, but you are also increasing your customer base. To get more referral offers, promote the referral incentive on your clinic, business website, and social media page.

Maintaining patient relationships

After getting successful leads, it’s time to maintain contact with patients. Encouraging them to repeat business with you is to show that you care for their overall health and not just for the money. Do this by sending notices on their emails, such as new equipment, special promotions, changes in clinic hours, medical articles, newsletters, and other content they find interesting.

Keep in mind that healthcare businesses must treat their patients as if they are the best customers. They like to feel treated well and given the best healthcare approaches. You will be surprised if you get overwhelming responses from new and existing patients.

Grab this opportunity to accomplish your mission in the healthcare industry by extending your medical services in these challenging times. Sharing your expertise and knowledge is a great way to prevent multiple health issues besides COVID-19. Do your part and promote safe and healthy living through your marketing efforts.

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