Pandemic Business Ideas You Must Consider

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The COVID-19 global crisis affected millions of businesses across the world in one way or another, either through the loss of revenue or disruption of the supply chain. However, some businesses are more harshly affected than others, which led to widespread closures, mass layoffs, and furloughs.

Fortunately, not everything is grim in terms of business prospects since there are those ventures that proved highly resilient to the crisis. These businesses raked in record profits and proved highly successful despite the hit that the majority of the commerce industry experienced globally.

Here are the top business options for this pandemic that you should consider:

Home furniture.

The furniture industry remains steadfast as a whole throughout the pandemic. With so many office-based employees suddenly finding themselves having to work remotely to continue earning their keep, furniture shops and manufacturers in many countries became busy meeting high demands for their products.

This is due to the home office setups that required office tables, chairs, and sofas to make the remote work productive and comfortable. With the ongoing pandemic showing strong indications of continuing through 2021 and even beyond, it’s safe to say that the furniture business will continue to enjoy big sales for the foreseeable future.

Hygiene/cleaning products.

During the onset of the pandemic, people everywhere went crazy and made panic buying almost like a fad. In many supermarkets and convenience stores, toilet paper, alcohol, hand sanitizer, soap, and similar products were quite literally flying off the shelves.

With previous and current safety protocols and government reminders stressing the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness of homes, commercial spaces, and workplaces, these products are sure to continue being viable. As such, businesses related to them (manufacturing and retail) are among the top options for would-be entrepreneurs.

Meal preps and deliveries.

As people tried to avoid eating out in restaurants and fast-food chains due to fear of COVID-19 transmission, businesses that delved on food and delivery were a big hit. In fact, they are still pretty much in demand until today and will most likely continue to do so as vaccines are just now being made publicly available.

The good thing about meal preps and deliveries is that they are easy to set up: they require minimal capital and resources and can be started from one’s home. If you happen to be a first-time entrepreneur with a knack for preparing healthy, delicious meals, then this is one option you should consider.

Nursery/gardening supplies.

Seeds, gardening tools, soil, fertilizers, and other gardening supplies were selling like hotcakes at the height of the pandemic — and they still do to this day. Additionally, local nurseries — where common and even rare plants are sourced — are making a killing in terms of profits as home-quarantined individuals struggled to find ways to entertain themselves and remain productive.

With even just a small budget, it’s possible to open a gardening supplies store to serve the local community. As regards the nursery option, one can choose to operate at home as do the many successful rare plant sellers throughout the pandemic.

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Home improvement.

While it may seem counterintuitive at first, the home improvement industry was actually a strong performer even at the worst months of COVID-19’s rampage.

Just like home furniture and gardening supplies, materials for home remodeling and renovations were also in fever-pitch demand throughout the pandemic. This, as property owners were forced to work remotely or finally pushed through with the home improvements they have long put off doing. Additionally, they suddenly found themselves requiring additional study living spaces for kids who had to attend online classes.

As such, the home improvement business is yet another viable candidate for consideration.

Used car.

The used car business also showed resiliency amid the pandemic as people scrambled to get their hands on affordable cars to safely go from point A to point B. With public transport still considered as an unsafe mode of transportation, a private vehicle is seen by a lot of affected individuals as the only logical means to travel.

As such, you should consider investing in the used car business as it remains a competitive venture to this day. If you can, make the majority of the transaction online to entice potential buyers who want to limit face-to-face encounters or those who just seek the convenience of online shopping.

Fitness equipment and health supplements.

The pandemic made millions of people realize that health is truly wealth. This is why health supplements and fitness equipment became pretty strong performers during COVID-19.

As gyms closed shop and health buffs were forced to exercise at home, fitness equipment sales went through the roof. Meanwhile, with government officials saying that people with weak immune systems are highly vulnerable to the virus, health supplements also got a shot in the arm.

Just choose from these business options the one that best suits your interest, skills, and budget.

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