Pet-inclusive Office? Here’s What You Need to Know about Allowing Dogs in the Workplace

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It’s nothing new. Companies in all kinds of industries have introduced Bring Your Dog Day years ago. Implementing it in your own office was out of the picture until you realized that something lacks your work culture.

Perhaps some areas need improving, and you’ve tried so many tactics, but they didn’t produce the output you wanted. This brings you back to topic of dogs and whether it’s worth trying to see if it makes the difference you’re looking for.

In case you find yourself stuck in your uncertainties, here are four things you need to know about pet-inclusive offices that can lead you to a sound decision.

Requires strict planning

It’s only fair to start with a word of caution. Implementing this pet policy isn’t as simple as it looks. Ideally, your employees will bring their dogs, interact, and work more productively than on usual days. The reality is that as soon as they come in with their furry friends, many things can go wrong. Dogs may react badly to each other, and the playful ones may wreak havoc in the office. Some people may not focus, and those with allergies may need to excuse themselves for the day.

The number of things that can go wrong will feel overwhelming at first, which is why you must plan things through. If other companies succeed in it, then so can you.

Get your workplace ready to receive dogs. Put baby gates and create a mini dog park. Provide poop bags to make cleaning easier for your employees, and install leash ties so that there’s a safe place to leave their dogs while they work. Have a cleaning crew ready, and don’t let any dogs in unless everybody’s signed an authorization and release form. It’s meticulous work getting your office ready for this program, but once you get it right, the rewards are endless.

Improves employee interaction

Do your employees suffer from poor interactions? Many factors can cause their relationship with their colleagues to stagnate. Whatever it may be, bringing dogs to the workplace can easily help them overcome these.

Dogs give them a common denominator, which can instantly spark conversations. They’ll want to exchange tips and know certain details about their fur-parenting life. Raising dogs is never a walk in the park, and having a co-worker sympathize with them can improve their camaraderie.

You can further build on this by scheduling pack walks around Florida. You can also sponsor a dog board and train as an incentive for outstanding employees. The opportunities for authentic and beneficial interaction are limitless where dogs are involved. You need to know how to maximize them.

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Promotes Stress Management

Nothing kills productivity and passion, like work-related stress. The good news is that nothing beats work-related stress better than spending time with dogs.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) itself acknowledges this effect that dogs have. The bond they develop with their owners decreases cholesterol levels, blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and negative emotions.

When your company has just survived hell week and you need a breath of fresh air in the office, bringing your dogs will do the trick. It’s a cost-effective method with guaranteed results, and everyone will be happier for it.

Enhances your company’s reputation

Pet-inclusion can significantly improve your reputation. This applies not only to potential clients but also to top talents who have pets of their own.

The majority of the people who’ll be visiting your office can have a better experience when they interact with an employee’s pet. The entire staff seems more approachable, and the entire visit comes off as a relaxing memory. They’ll also remember you as a modern and progressive company that values your employees’ happiness and animal rights. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, then you’ll know that both are plus points for any business that’s looking to stand out in their industry.

Prepare for Everything

Allowing dogs in your office has its ups and downs. Not every Bring Your Dog Day will be as delightful as the others, and you’ll find yourself making changes along the way. That’s fine. What’s important is that you’re focused on the goals of this program and that you’re taking steps to make this work as well as possible for everyone.

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