Pet Ownership: The Secret to Success of Some of Today’s Entrepreneurs

working while holding pet
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They say that there is no secret sauce to building a successful business. It combines the right habits, the right people, and the right offers presented to the right market at the right time, among many others. But then, after taking a closer look at the lives of today’s successful entrepreneurs, one would find that many of them are pet parents. Could pet ownership contribute to their success, including their successful brands?

Why Pet Owners Tend to Be Productive Entrepreneurs

Pets are known to make their human parents healthier. Dogs, in particular, help their owners stay active since one of the best ways to take care of them is by taking them out for regular walks and playing with them. Since entrepreneurs can’t afford to get sick, you have to find ways to keep yourself in good health and shape.

Having a pet dog that you need to walk, play with, and allow bathroom breaks during the day can help keep yourself active and healthy. Since dogs force you to keep moving and make time for fun and pleasure, they are essentially helping boost your mood and health. Experts say that this also helps in increasing your productivity levels in the process.

Pets also teach us about unconditional love, patience, responsibility, and devotion. These are some traits we can all use when running a brand. These also have positive effects on one’s mental health.

Entrepreneurs have high depression and suicide rates. Studies show that pet ownership helps fight loneliness and depression. When you are in a better mental state, it becomes easier to run your business and focus on the more important things.

Pets also teach us to be more social, which is important in growing our brand. Having close friends improves one’s negligence, thus making it easier to bounce back after failure or a major setback. It becomes easier to grow your network,  learn about your customer pain points, and engage employees.

Tackling Pet Ownership While Running a Business


Business ownership and pet ownership both require your love, attention, and dedication. It can be tricky to be a responsible pet parent when you also have many things to do in your business. Finding balance will help you tackle pet ownership while still being able to run your brand successfully.

Make Time for Bonding With Your Pet

Many successful entrepreneurs make sure to spend quality time with their pets. Mark Zuckerberg can be seen walking his Hungarian sheepdog during his free time. Whenever you can, set aside even a few minutes to walk and play with your pet, especially whenever you need to de-stress after a hard day at work.

Consider Professional Dog Training

Not many pet parents know how to train their dogs effectively. Even if you have a small dog, it helps to invest in a professional trainer for dogs. This way, you can be sure that your pooch will turn out to be an obedient, social, and well-behaved pooch despite your busy career.

Say Yes to Pet Services When You Get Too Busy

Many entrepreneurs find themselves unable to tend to their pet’s needs due to their hectic schedules. Thankfully, many other pet services can do this for you. Think of pet grooming, dog walking, and pet sitting services when you cannot tackle bathing, walking, and being there for your pooch for long periods of time.

Invest in Smart Pet Gadgets

For dogs and other pets left alone for a few hours at a time, pet gadgets can give you peace of mind. Think of treat-tossing dog cameras, electronic smart doors, robotic pet toys, and smart pet feeders and water dispensers. Even without your presence, you can be sure that your pets stay fed, have a continuous source of water, are safe, and are kept engaged.

Take Your Pet to Work

Some companies now allow their pets inside their workplace. This can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity. This is since pets are known to relieve the stress levels of their owners and other people around them.

If you can’t be home all day to be there for your pooch, then you can consider taking your pooch to work. Make sure you create clear rules and restrictions ahead of time. You must also consider all factors involved, including the size of your office, how pet-friendly the workplace is, and the opinions of your company leaders and employees.

Pet ownership can help entrepreneurs stay healthy, happy, and productive despite their busy schedules. Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs are also pet parents. This shows that pets can be extremely helpful for business owners who want and need support in their roles. If you are up for the challenge, consider getting yourself a pet and be ready for your life to change.

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