Things to Consider When Planning to Have Pets in Singapore

tabby cat and golden retriever
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Even though people in Singapore can keep pets in their homes, they need to meet guidelines set by the government. Pet owners should also consider the people who live around their homes, and the pet should have a license from the NParks Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS).

Aside from these guidelines, potential pet owners should also consider several things before bringing a dog or cat into their homes. They should remember that having a pet is a huge responsibility, and they should prepare for it once they decide to get one.

Here are the things that potential pet owners should take into account.

Be Committed and Mentally Prepared

Potential pet owners should be committed to taking care of their pets. They should also be mentally prepared since pet ownership is not easy, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Welcoming an animal into the household is a big step for anyone since they might find it challenging to incorporate physical activities or daily walks with their pet into their schedule.

Potential pet owners should also look for reliable cat and dog food in Singapore to ensure they can provide for their pets’ nutritional needs. Since some pets can be picky, pet owners should make sure to choose pet food properly. The pet food should also be complete and balanced to keep the pet healthy and strong.

They should also make sure their pets get the necessary vaccinations and visit a veterinarian regularly. They should also be aware of any allergies their pets have. Potential pet owners should also provide space for their pets to sleep in. They should make sure to pet-proof their homes and prevent them from going out of their homes unsupervised.

Get the Necessary Supplies

If the pet owner commits himself to taking care of the pet, he should get the basic supplies to keep the pet comfortable in the house. Dogs and cats prefer a cozy nook in the house, while pet owners can keep birds, rabbits, and hamsters inside cages.

They should also provide their pets with water to drink and food to nibble on. Due to this, they should purchase bowls where they can put the food and water. They should also make sure their pets have designated areas where they can relieve themselves.

With this, dog owners should train their pets where they can relieve themselves. On the other hand, cat owners can set up a litter box for their cats. For the caged pets, pet owners should regularly clean the cages to keep them clean.

Pet owners can also get toys for their pets and scratch posts for the cats. Covering the windows with mesh prevents them from going out. A well-ventilated carrier is also needed when they bring their pets out for their visits to the vet.

husky dog at the vet's

Prepare for Regular Vet Visits

Visiting the vets is necessary to keep the pets healthy. If pet owners have no idea where to bring their pets, they can check the government’s list of licensed vet centers. Visiting the vet allows the pet owner to detect health issues that can affect their health in the future.

Aside from their regular visits, pet owners should bring their pets to the vet if they notice something strange in their pets. Or if the pet looks weak and does not want to eat. Vaccinating them also prevents some diseases and gives them the protection that they need.

Train the Pets

Pet owners should also make sure to train their pets so that they can adjust to their new environment. For dogs, toilet training is necessary to keep the home clean. When pet owners train their pets, they strengthen their bond and allows them to understand each other.

While the training period can take time, it is a good way for the pet to warm up to its owner. Some pet stores also provide obedience training to the dogs, making it easier for the owner to train the dog for other things they need to do in the house.

Spay and Neuter Pets

One way to take care of the health of pets is through sterilization. It offers several health benefits, including reducing testicular cancer risks for male pets and reducing ovarian cancer risks among female pets. It also reduces unwanted animals in the household and reduces unnecessary breeding. Pet owners should also ask their vets about the age when they can have their pets sterilized.

Owning a pet offers a lot of benefits, especially during a pandemic. But people should also understand the responsibility they have when they take care of a pet at home.

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