Physical vs Digital: Is There a Competition?

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Establishing a physical shop has become a whole new ball game amid the pandemic. A brick-and-mortar store is a business that has a physical shop where customers can visit to see goods before purchasing. Many businesses have closed their shops since the start of the pandemic. With the recent vaccine rollout, however, things have started to seem more hopeful. Having a physical shop can be an advantage for attracting an audience to your brand.

Marketing a physical shop relies on digital marketing and the physical appearance of the shop itself. Natural stone veneers can enhance the facade of a brick-and-mortar store to make it look more appealing to customers. Apart from this, investing in a strategic digital marketing campaign can benefit your business in the long run.

Some business leaders have been contemplating whether they should stick to e-commerce platforms or set up a physical store. They should consider exploring both business models because these two models can complement one another.

Business Management Amid COVID-19

Experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the business landscape and the consumer lifestyle. The quarantine period has changed how we buy, what we buy, and how we pay for these items. With these shifts in the business landscape, companies need to keep up with the various things that shifted from the old normal to the new normal lifestyle.

Businesses need to adopt a more creative mindset to be able to meet the new consumer demands. Having creative business models is an advantage these days due to the unusual situation of companies and consumers. Businesses should find new ways to serve their customers to keep up with their new demands based on their lifestyle shifts.

Along with implementing these creative business models, businesses also had to re-imagine the in-person experience for customers and employees. The pandemic safety guidelines had to be followed, so business establishments had to adjust their store regulations according to these policies. Customers and employees had to be kept safe and healthy.

Apart from following safety regulations in-store, physical shops also had to compete with e-commerce platforms. With the convenience and safety that e-commerce platforms provide, businesses had to offer added value to their in-store experience to attract foot traffic despite the pandemic situation.

Managing a business amid the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult to handle. There are a lot of things to consider to keep customers attracted to a business. Safety regulations have to be strictly followed, or else the consequences could be detrimental to the brand’s reputation.

Pandemic Marketing for Your Physical Shop

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During the pandemic, business leaders and physical shop owners need to formulate effective strategies for marketing their businesses. Since many things have changed during the quarantine period, business leaders also need to adapt to these changes. Consumers have had a different perspective on physical shops, given the state of the global health crisis. Companies have to acknowledge this shift in perspective to find new methods to accommodate consumer needs.

Brick-and-mortar stores have the advantage of having a physical shop compared to e-commerce businesses. These shops should take advantage of their physical spaces to promote their brands. Having a physical space means these brands can create unique in-store customer experiences that can be difficult to replicate online. Being experiential is the way to go for businesses these days.

Creating a locally targeted campaign for your physical shop can also increase foot traffic in your store. Having promos such as offering discounts that can be redeemed in-store can potentially attract interested customers. Come up with other promos and discounts that can be redeemed only when customers visit your physical shop so that these customers will be interested in exploring your store.

While it has been said that physical stores have their own advantages over e-commerce platforms, business owners should not neglect the benefits of having both physical and digital stores. Merging physical and digital can benefit a modern brand, especially since consumers have already seamlessly integrated tech platforms into their everyday lives. Business owners should consider having an e-commerce platform not to replace their physical shops but to complement them.

Marketing a business during this global health crisis can be challenging. Pandemic marketing, however, can be navigated effectively through proper research of the changes in consumer demographics. Business owners should allocate enough time and resources to understanding the shift in desires, needs, and fears of their customers so that they can address these concerns.

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