Popping the Question: How to Make Your Girlfriend Say Yes

man presenting an engagement ring
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Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. There will be times when you think if you have done enough. And then there will be a time when you have to pop that question. Asking your girlfriend to marry you needs a lot of preparation, guts, and the right timing. Things might fall apart when one thing does not go as planned, and the entire proposal will turn into a disaster. But even if it becomes a disaster and she still says yes, the proposal will still be a success.

How do you want to propose to your girlfriend? Are you going to copy that proposal from that sappy romantic movie you saw last movie weekend night? Or are you going to bend one knee and offer the ring just like that?

Here are some proposal ideas you can do when you decide to pop the question:

1. Be a gentleman and take her to a high-end restaurant

It sounds sweet when you get invited for dinner for two at a famous restaurant with a world-famous chef cooking for dinner service. This needs a few preparations, but you have to spend the extra mile to get that reservation. And yeah, you have to go down on one knee, show her the ring and ask her. Order the best champagne and her featured dessert at the restaurant. Talk to her as if it’s just a regular dinner date. Proposals during dinner dates are typical, but they still sound sweet and romantic.

2. Take her to the zoo or a park

If you have been going out for years and know how your girlfriend thinks, you can ask her to join you at a park or the zoo. Have a conversation about your life, your work and maybe even the weather. Then ask her, randomly while walking and looking at the animals or eating ice cream. It is not super expensive like a fine dining experience, but it is creative and fun. This way, you can also save the money for your wedding day instead of spending it on an expensive dinner out of town.

couple at the beach

3. Beach proposal

If you are frequent beachgoers and you both love the sun, the sand, and the sea, then it will be an excellent idea for you to propose to your soon-to-be fiance at the beach. Plan for your beach getaway and invite some of your friends or any family member. Make a message on a long tarp that you can tie to a parasail, hang glider, or kite. At the right moment, tell her to look up to the sky and watch her react to your question. Asking someone to parasail on your behalf and carry that message in the air while you ask her by the beach can be so romantic for you and your partner.

4. Hire a flash mob

Flash mobs became a craze back in 2009. There were a few popular flash mob wedding proposals in a few countries around the world. If you have an inner dancer in you or want to surprise her with your hidden dance moves, then a flash mob is a good idea for a wedding proposal. It can be fun, exciting, and entertaining. Hire an agency that produces flash mobs and practice with them if you want to be part of the production. You also have to know her schedule to plan when you can have the flash mob wedding proposal for your girlfriend.

5. Hire a singing telegram

This singing telegram has been in the country since the 1930s. There are times when they hire local artists to sing for the message in the telegram. You can ask them to include a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a box of chocolates, and a giant stuffed toy. Ask the singers or artists to sing her favorite song plus the telegram of your question.

6. Propose on a yacht

Rent a yacht for a dinner date for two, hire a famous chef to make your dinner, and sail down a river while dining under the stars. This can be expensive and romantic, especially if you have more than enough to spend on your proposal. To make it seem more like a casual event, you can book a BBQ boat rental. It is a private occasion that the two of you can celebrate.

couple hiking

7. Hike and propose

If you have been with her in all of your hiking and mountain adventures, why not propose to her during one of your hikes? Hiking is free. Go on a hiking adventure in the mountain and propose to her when you reach the top. You can ask a few friends for help when you go hiking or join a local hiking tour. This can be cheaper than the other ideas here, but this is a proposal for adventure-seeking couples.

8. Scavenger hunt

This is a fun, entertaining, and exciting way to propose to your girlfriend. You can ask for help from a few friends or family when setting up the clues and directions for the next stop. You can even make this a game amongst yourselves, but your girlfriend will receive different sets of clues until she is the only one to reach the end of the game where you can bend on one knee and ask her. Or maybe the engagement ring will be the prize at the end of the game. Make sure that she will not suspect that it is the proposal so that you can witness her genuine reaction once she finishes the game.

9. Create a jigsaw puzzle

This wedding proposal idea is crafty and artistic for your girlfriend, who enjoys doing puzzles. You can have your picture printed for the puzzle–the one bended knee while offering the engagement ring. Make it into a thousand-piece puzzle so that it will take a bit of time for her to complete. It will even look creative and fun to print another photo and stick it behind your proposal pose. Let her piece it together on a glass frame so that when she finishes it, you can flip it over and ask her the question along with your jigsaw puzzle proposal. This way, she will not suspect that you will ask her the question.

10. Invite the entire family

If you two have been together for years and both your families know your stories and all the in-betweens of your relationships, then it will be a great way to propose while all your family is present. This way, you are not just surprising her but also everyone in the family. This way, you know how everyone will react the moment they find out about the future wedding. You can ask the entire family to keep it a secret from her, or you can surprise everyone at the dinner. This way, the reaction will be genuine and sincere.

The wedding proposal is the first step in settling down. Deciding whether you spend a lot on a luxurious wedding proposal or plan a simple and intimate dinner date is all up to you. In the end, what will matter is her answer–if she is prepared to spend the rest of her life with you by her side. The proposal can be a long preparation with a short and sweet ending. And everybody loves happy endings.

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