Post-pandemic Employee Benefits Your Company Should Offer

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Along with the emergence of the coronavirus disease worldwide comes the abundance of sudden and overwhelming changes experienced by students, employees, and families. Almost all companies are going through changes in their employee benefit plans and policies to adjust and adapt to the shifts brought about by the pandemic. During this trying time, about 69% of employees are reportedly experiencing an increased number of challenges every day, which may continue to rise even after the pandemic is over.

Fortunately, most companies are trying their best to minimize the burden and future difficulties of the employees. Moreover, the data shows that many companies and employers focus on enhancing and improving employee benefits that cover the workers’ health and wellbeing.

However, this is not always the case. Some companies will more likely focus on cutting costs and saving money to avoid any future financial issues. As an employer and employee, it is vital to consider the importance of giving or receiving these benefits, especially at a time like this. The workers or employees that enable the progress and development of a business is the most valuable asset a company can have.

That is why it is best to ensure the safety and welfare of the people who serve as a sturdy foundation for a company. An updated and more appropriate employee benefits package can allow employers to keep hold of the workforce’s promising talents while attracting more potential workers. Here are some needed post-pandemic employee benefits a company should be offering.

Healthcare benefits

Upon the rise of COVID-19, policies were put into place like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act revised by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. This act emphasizes the requirement of employers to supply paid leave and paid sick times for their employees. As the required recovery time for the coronavirus disease is 14 days, the paid sick time benefit is a fitting and crucial benefit that an employee should be receiving.

The pandemic has also forced parents and family members to deal with balancing work and taking care of the children in their households because of the unavailability of daycares and schools. Paid family leaves can aid workers in dealing with these struggles without sacrificing their salaries. A company should ensure its employees’ job protection when faced with a conflict of responsibilities at home and work. Along with that, emergency procedures should be executed to encourage the employees’ flexibility, like adjusting schedules and shifts at work.

With the serious effects and impacts of COVID-19 worldwide, more workers will more likely appreciate companies that provide convenient and beneficial healthcare plans. An example of this is telemedicine services that are suitable to avoid risks that this pandemic brings. Healthcare provided by the employer can allow employees to feel more secure and safe, helping them focus more on their jobs. A survey shows that 70% of employers who responded are rendering health coverage for employees granted a leave of absence, and 13% administered telehealth services because of the worldwide pandemic.

Employers can provide wellness and fitness programs for the betterment of the workers’ mental health and wellbeing. More than 70% of Americans have experienced an immense amount of stress due to the pandemic, which can largely affect how they function at work. Thus, employers need to help give out mental health support like counseling or therapy to prevent further issues caused by stress, anxiety, or depression.

Work arrangement benefits

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Telecommuting should be an easy and available option for employees during this pandemic. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, people are required to practice social distancing at all times, affecting employees in the workplace. A company’s ability to adapt to telecommuting by providing remote working arrangements for workers can prove its efficiency and flexibility to keep the business running. This can be done by providing the necessary tools and mediums that employees can conveniently use at home to enhance productivity.

Overall, COVID-19 has brought us more threats and challenges in wellness, health, and finances. Companies or employers must re-evaluate and plan further regarding the plans and policies that can largely benefit their employees and the company’s growth.

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