Promising Business Ideas for Pet Sitters Affected by the Pandemic

Pet Grooming Business
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In a typical home with a working couple and dogs, the couple would hire a sitter to take their dogs out once a day. The couple couldn’t do it themselves since they spend most of their time in the office. For people who love animals and have the extra time to walk or watch strangers’ pets, a pet-sitting business can be lucrative. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case for some because of the pandemic.

Since most workers are forced to stay at home, they no longer need to hire someone to watch or walk their pets when they’re not around. They can do these tasks themselves. That leaves people who rely on pet sitting and walking with less business and, therefore, less income. While the pet sitting business may pick up again once the public is allowed to go out again and go back to their workplaces, this may take some time.

Even in the middle of a pandemic, the pet industry is in demand. For example, more people are adopting pets to keep them company while they’re stuck at home. This means more people need services that cater to pet animals. And former pet sitters can put their skills and love for animals to help in filling pet owners’ needs, on top of their pet sitting business.

Pet Food Business

A pet food business is a great idea for pet sitters. They may have become familiar with the kinds of food that pets like. And they can use this knowledge to start a store that sells pet treats. They can resell brand name treats that owners are already familiar with.

Or, if pet sitters are into baking, they can sell homemade pet treats, such as biscuits, cupcakes, ice cream, and cakes. Many pet owners like to spoil their pets and give them special treats once in a while. Some also like to celebrate their pets’ birthdays and throw a party. So business owners can target that market and increase their earnings.

Pet Accessories Business

One trend in pet ownership is dressing up pets. Some owners like to put cute costumes and accessories on their pets just for fun. Or they will take pictures of their pets and post them online. Thus, starting a pet accessories store can be a great source of income for pet sitters. For instance, pet sitters can sell clothes, hats and scarves, collars, and shoes. Accessories sold in the store can also include living essentials for pets. These may include a pet bed, toys, and a decorative leash.

The good thing about setting up a store is that it can be relatively affordable. They can set up a website as their own online store and list their items there. Or they can use already existing e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay. There’s a lot of potential in this type of business, especially given the fact that 64% of U.S. pet owners are now shopping for their pets online.


Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Starting a mobile pet grooming business can also be an option. While pet owners can stay at home and watch their pets themselves, they might get too busy to take care of their pet’s regular upkeep. Thus, a mobile pet grooming business will cater to these owners’ need for their pet groomer to come to them instead.

Admittedly, this business will take more effort and money to begin. The aspiring business owner will need to get training and certification before they can start grooming other pets. They’ll also need a vehicle that will serve as their grooming station. Still, a mobile pet grooming business is a promising idea to pursue.

Pet Ride Business

Starting some sort of Uber for pets can also be a great idea. As mentioned earlier, work-from-home pet owners might get too busy to take their pets to the groomer or veterinarian. Thus, they might want to hire someone to do that instead.

This business can offer a shared transportation service for pets. They will be taken to a location specified by their owners, whether it’s to the groomers, a veterinary clinic, or a relative’s house. The business can also offer pet pickup service from one location and back to the pet’s home.

The pet industry is lucrative. And pet sitters whose jobs were affected by the pandemic can try pursuing other business ideas in the industry. They can try selling pet food and accessories. They can also try starting a mobile grooming service or shuttle service. Besides, they already have a network of potential customers: their former and current customers. Thus, they can take advantage of their connections to start a new business.

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