How You Can Provide Post-pandemic Support to Local Businesses

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Over the past year, some businesses have closed down either for a while or permanently. People have been prompted to work from home. Others were laid off or let go. But on the other side of that coin, new businesses are born and rising entrepreneurs realized.

Despite these small businesses being established either out of necessity, by the opportune time, or both, people have come together to support their local businesses, especially during the pandemic’s peak. In a time of crisis, neighborly giving has never been so intentional. People cared about helping others keep their livelihood and their jobs.

The Internet has been an essential tool in getting discovered for small businesses. This has enabled them to find their target market and this group of people to find them. Boosting brand awareness has been and will remain one of the biggest factors, even after the pandemic.

Now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, businesses are operating again, and more job opportunities have come. But that doesn’t mean that our support for small businesses should stop altogether. If anything, we should keep supporting these businesses even after the pandemic has gone completely. You might think, why would they need help now after weathering the storm as strong as the pandemic? Small businesses are deserving of support regardless. Here’s why.

Small Businesses Provide Jobs for Their Locals

In every business, there are functions to perform and jobs to fill. That’s natural because every operation requires some system to work. Where can these small businesses get the people they need?  Where else but in their immediate community?

As demonstrated by the US Small Business Administration in a 2020 report, 47.1% of the employed population are employed by small businesses. It cannot be disputed how these small businesses provide job opportunities to their locals, especially those who wouldn’t traditionally qualify for corporate jobs. Small businesses are also giving back to the community this way.

Small Businesses Help Improve the Economy

Aside from the job opportunities they provide for their immediate communities, small businesses help the economy by contributing to the growth of their local economic centers. Making up 99.9% of America’s total business sector, small businesses don’t just receive neighborly support. They can attract non-locals too because of their innovation and unique solutions.

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Small Businesses Make Working Meaningful for Their Employees

Many small businesses were born from inspiring stories, minority groups, advocacies, and simple dreams. It’s a similar story for a lot of major brands and corporations that we know today. But like these big guys, everybody’s got to start somewhere.

Unlike big companies with their complicated and exaggerated organizational structure, small businesses are just that–small. Because of this, work becomes meaningful. The meaning does not get lost in the commotion between the bureaucratic steps and the back and forth of decision-makers. With small businesses, everything’s a little simpler since the heart of the matter is not too far.

Small Businesses Provide Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

We are all entitled to the kind of lifestyle and principles we want to live by. With small entrepreneurs’ unique solutions, niche products, and innovations, you can meet our needs without compromising what you believe in. You don’t have to deal with cognitive dissonance as often as you used to, so go ahead and support black-owned jewelry ventures, ethical brands, and more.

Small Businesses Can Be Revolutionary

Who would’ve thought that one of the world’s largest technology companies started in a basement? Surely, no one saw that coming. Nobody would’ve ever guessed that something would have a humble beginning as this would change the face of technology, convenience, and innovation forever. Supporting small businesses can help them grow and possibly make a change the world never knew was possible. All it takes is some people that genuinely believe in the product or service to make it possible.

Despite being small and starting, local businesses are proven to make a difference in their community’s lives and the country’s economic growth. By possessing the openness to new ideas and innovations, they are the pioneers of unique products and services, after all, born from unique problems experienced and observed in their immediate surroundings.

Every big company started from a humble beginning, just as a revolutionary solution might be born from a simple, everyday problem. No matter what the origin story a local business has, at the heart of it all, its purpose is to serve. Don’t hesitate to support local businesses by visiting and purchasing from them. One action can mean a lot.

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