Relaunching a Business After the Pandemic: What to Do

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As the COVID-19 vaccine is gradually being rolled out in the United States, companies that scaled-down their operations have started preparations for their reopening. With this, they may think about holding a launch event once the danger of the virus has passed.

Here are some things companies should consider when they decide to relaunch their business once the pandemic is over.

Promote Health and Safety

Companies should prioritize health and safety when during a relaunch. This means having enough hand sanitizers for the employees and customers to use. The company should also continue promoting maximum office capacities, which means limiting the number of people inside the building.

Moreover, they can convert communal spaces into temporary workspaces for the employees. This means repurposing conference rooms, employees, and other big spaces inside the office. If the company has a suitable outdoor area, they can also use it as workspaces when the weather permits. Repurposing these areas will give employees a good amount of space to work while observing physical distancing.

Upgrade Ventilation and Filtration Systems

Even though the threat of the virus has already passed, companies should still upgrade their ventilation and filtration systems to filter out contaminants. The upgrade will prevent the spread of viral particles that may cause similar issues as the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the budget for upgrading these systems may be too big for some companies, they can invest in portable air purifiers and position them in strategic locations within the office. Using these devices will not cost as much as upgrading the entire ventilation and filtration system of the company, but still provide suitable protection for its employees.

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Redesign the Reception Area

Before the pandemic, the reception areas of companies allowed clients and customers to feel welcome when they enter the office. It was a place where the clients mingled with employees. But after the pandemic, the reception area can be used as a disinfection area where hand-washing stations are available for use. Temperatures should also be taken before clients enter the area.

Redesigning the reception area is necessary to protect the employees and the clients of the company. It should also stem the possible spread of any viruses that may emerge in the future. This has become necessary after the pandemic forced a lot of businesses to close or at least scale down their operations.

Remain Vigilant During Launch Events

Businesses may hold a launch event for its reopening. While a launch event can be good for the business, it’s still important to follow the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for events and gatherings. These guidelines are designed to protect both customers and employees of a company.

If the business decides to hold a launch event at their physical locations, it should be an outdoor event. Proper health protocols should also be observed and the guest list should be limited. The pandemic may be over by then, but it’s still advisable to observe these protocols just in case a new variant of the virus will emerge.

Hold an Online Launch Event

Companies can also hold an online launch party rather than a physical event. This will be the best way to prevent a lot of people from converging in one location. It also doesn’t require a huge budget since all the company needs is a good internet connection.

To make the online launch event lively, the company can still have a limited number of people at its physical location. The invite-only event can have everything needed for an actual launch party. They can even look for a good party rental company to provide the things needed for the event. The company can hold the event outdoors to ensure the safety of the people at the physical location.

The coronavirus has changed the way of life of people around the world. Even as the end of the pandemic is in sight, it’s still important for companies to make the necessary changes to promote the health and safety of their employees and customers.

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