Selling Real Estate to Millennials: A Growing Market on Social Media

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Indeed, the millennial generation is taking the lead in real estate these days. And with good reason: As the market slumps thanks to the virus, internet-driven millennials are scooping up properties more than any portion of the demographic.

That should be your cue as a real estate marketer. You need to cater to this young-and-passionate generation. Take note they’re the largest in terms of population in America. And what better way to do that than meeting their needs via social media.

For years now, millennials have been making waves in real estate. And during the pandemic, they’re still the most active buyers, settling down and starting their families in a tumultuous time. The thing is you need to sharpen your marketing understanding when dealing with this market. In some ways, conventional methods may fall short. Fortunately, making the most of social media can prove to be a deal maker for you, assuming you do it right.

Go mobile

The first step is to be ready to go mobile. Social media is home for Millennials. And where do they access their daily online input? About 80% of their social media access happens on mobile.

Being mobile-ready gives you a distinct advantage. You’ll be in a better position to cater to their needs and move over the competition.

To do this, you need to up your online presence. Have a website. That’s a good start. If you want to tone down your overhead expenses, explore Facebook pages.

Don’t forget the essentials. It’s important you ensure your content is mobile-friendly. For the uninitiated, content that’s mobile-friendly appears fitting when viewed on any mobile device. You could check their mobile-friendliness on a Google’s tool.

Opt for videos

Millennials are drawn to what they see. This means that you have to keep them interested. Make videos that show them how good the houses are. Show spots in the house that would catch their attention, just like the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space. The good thing is that the videos create interaction. People share videos more and also comment more on them. With a video post, people easily get the message as compared to reading a text post. And millennials are usually on the move; videos work just fine.


When making videos make sure the quality is good. You can’t afford to chase potential customers away because of poor quality video. Put in your best in creating the videos. This also means you should post videos on social media. Key topics about the process of owning real estate, for instance, should catch attention.

You can make a video about home mortgage loans and other topics that relate to real estate. Giving them a bird’s eye view can be a huge lift on their part. Knowledge about mortgage loans is key to proper planning in investing in real estate. People can decide better when all the numbers are taken into consideration.

Do something captivating

Apart from doing videos, you can also come up with captivating ideas. Always remember that you need to capture the attention of millennials. They are digital natives who know not all data available online is worth their time. So presenting an idea in a captivating way is a must. They shouldn’t be able to scroll by without wanting to know what you have to offer.

Do your due diligence. It doesn’t have to be something grand. First up, you can start with something as simple as a slideshow. ; You can also do a video home tour for them. Going live on Instagram to show the beauty of the houses is also a good one. Just be ready to share as much as you can on social media. Another important element is home staging. An overwhelming number of young home buyers opt for brushed-up properties that look cozy and ready to live in. Again, the mantra here is to appeal visually.

Be consistent

Consistency is key. There are different platforms you can work with. But whichever platforms you opt for make sure you are consistent. Don’t leave your audience in the lurch. Post on social media to keep your audience interested. You should be a reliable source of information and pertinent data. Inconsistency would drive many potential customers away. The idea is to give them relevant content. You have to give back-to-back info that helps them along the way.

Be ready to help

For millennials, they believe they can find all the answers they need on the internet. Well, that’s not wrong. Still, having someone who can guide them can go a long way in closing the deal. It’s important that you are ready to help out when those questions pop up. And this is the beauty of social media. You can be there for them when they need a listening ear. It’s true. This young generation is full of energy. Social media helps you be in pace with them so you can close the deal when you should. Offering assistance by answering their questions gives them more reassurance. And that’s one thing you should do if you want to get them to buy houses.

The more you help, the greater the chances you close the deal. And social media is the best tool to make it all happen. It sure looks daunting. But a steady hand and a helping heart should make it all become a walk in the park.

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