Shopping for Shawls and Scarves? Here Are Some Ideas

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Scarves and shawls are fantastic inexpensive accessories that can add a bit of ‘luxe’ to your style and keep pace with the latest trending fashion styles, keeping you warm, comfortable — and undeniably stylish.

However, like shop fittings and retail store displays for sale, there are many scarves and shawls you can choose from, making your shopping a bit more hectic than usual, as there are several factors to consider when buying these accessories.

Here are some tips to consider the next time you’re looking to buy shawls and scarves.

Choosing the Ideal Size

Just like how you’d choose a longer length jacket for a taller person, the same goes for choosing a scarf or shawl length. That’s because a shorter individual may find themselves looking a bit lost in the knots of a too-long scarf or shawl, so from a style perspective, the length is essential. Most of these accessories are between 50 to 90 inches in length, so you have a lot of room to explore.

For instance, for shorter individuals, if an untied scarf or shawl hangs just below your waist, then it’s about the right length for you — making you look taller.

Go for a Colour That Suits You

There’s no rule that a person can only have one scarf or shawl in their wardrobe, so it’s best to purchase a couple of them to complete any outfit. The best colours for work are darker tones, such as brown or indigo, while vibrant colours are great for casual outfits. When choosing patterns, make sure they aren’t overpowering, as they can take the attention off your style, making your outfit look dull when you remove your scarf or shawl.


Remember to Inspect Both Sides

Before buying a scarf or shawl, remember to look at both sides. That’s because in some cases, there may be some defects on the other side despite one is completely fine,  or you may not like the style of the other side. So, it’s best to be careful and make sure both sides are appealing and get your money’s worth.

Check Its Print and Dye

Cheaper scarves and shawls typically bleed after a single watch, staining its side on the bottom, ruining the accessory completely. Make sure to check the print and dye used on the accessories to prevent blotchy color from running off, shaving off the overall charm of your scarf or shawl when worn.

Pick the Right Fabric

Other than your itchy neck, the most crucial thing you need to consider is the climate. The purpose of a scarf or shawl is to keep your warm, so go for a fabric that can help you stay snug and comfortable but not sweat. Ideally, scarves and shawls made from wool and cashmere are the best at keeping you toasty, so save the silk for formal events. Meanwhile, for summers, linen is a great choice, shielding your skin from the heat.

Choosing the right fabric comes down to your preferences and needs, as some people like certain fabrics while others don’t.

Scarves and shawls not only keep your warm — they can add more style to any outfit, completing your look. To make your shopping trip seamless, consider following the tips mentioned to get a wrap that’s warm, fashionable, and perfect for you.

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