Simple Methods for Maintaining Feminine Hygiene

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Hygiene is important, no matter which healthcare professional you ask. Lack of intimate hygiene, especially in women, can lead to several health complications, including cervical cancer, chronic pulmonary disease, respiratory infections, and even death. Lack of accessible sanitation and hygiene products in developing countries like India is one of the biggest reasons behind a woman’s death. And it’s a world problem. Poor menstrual hygiene is said to be the fifth biggest killer of women in the world. Hence, as a woman or a man who truly cares for the woman in his life, it is of utmost importance to learn how to maintain feminine hygiene.

Keep your private parts clean and dry

Keeping your private parts clean and dry will help manage the bad odor and maintain overall health. Hence, it is advised to use toilet paper or a soft cloth to clean it after the loo. It is also important to clean it after performing intimate activities. The vulva on the surface contracts and expands during intercourse. This leads to several spores inside that can act as an entry point for infections and viruses, leading to inflammation and other health problems.

Although cleaning your private parts is vital, you need to do it in the right way to get better hygiene. Also, don’t over-wash or dry it. It contains some good bacteria such as the lactobacillus as well that helps maintain the pH level. Hence, you should not wash them off as well. Having the right level of pH level is the key to maintaining the required level of feminine hygiene.

Use sanitary pads or tampons

The menstrual cycle, or periods as they are commonly known, is when women become most vulnerable to life-threatening infections and diseases caused due to secretions that occur along with blood flow. Using sanitary pads and tampons to soak the secretion and keep your private parts dry can come in handy and prove to be life-saving in some cases.

You might also experience excretions other than the one experienced during the menstrual cycle. However, they are not always harmful nor a bad sign. One way to differentiate between non-harmful and infectious secretions is through simple observations. Non-harmful secretions do not smell or cause itching. Thus, if the secretions smell bad and cause severe itching, you need to visit your doctor for a checkup immediately.

Avoid douching

Your lady parts can clean itself naturally with the help of a small number of secretions. These secretions flush out the bad bacteria and release the good ones inside. As mentioned earlier, these good bacteria help maintain the pH level, preventing it from becoming too acidic and causing itchiness.

Many women use a douche to clean up these parts. This item flushes water deep inside to clean the secretions. However, this can wash away the good bacteria as well, tampering with the pH level. Also, there is no clear evidence of whether a douche helps protect against infections. On top of it, the douche also uses some chemicals for cleaning it. Hence, the extreme use of douche and an increase in chemicals inside can be harmful.

Wear clean and washed clothes

Feminine hygiene is not limited to cleanliness; it also includes measures that can help keep your private’s parts clean and dry. Wearing clean, washed, and comfortable clothes are some of these measures. Unwashed and tight clothes can cause sweating and moisture, leading to bacterial growth and further infections. It is best to visit a nearby laundromat frequently to wash your clothes. Wearing clean and comfortable clothes will help maintain the air circulation through your panties and prevent sweat, improving hygiene levels.

Visit doctors

There’s no doubt that you can easily maintain your hygiene with the right care. However, it would help if you visited your doctor regularly for routine checkups, especially for cervical screening. Cervical cancer is a common complication caused due to infections. Routine checkups will help early diagnosis of any disease or inflammation, thereby helping with early treatment.

There has been increased awareness related to feminine intimate health and tremendous growth in using feminine hygiene products. According to a forecast report, the global feminine hygiene products market will increase at a CAGR of 6.8% to reach a whopping $52 billion by 2023. However, there are still women who either don’t have access to proper hygiene products or don’t care about it or are ashamed of talking about it. It is high time that you control your hands to maintain feminine hygiene and spread the word about it.

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