Tricking the Eye: Achieving a Spacious Home Through Renovation

A bright and spacious living room
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  •  Maximizing natural light enhances the illusion of space by utilizing clear windows, skylights, or roof lights.
  • Innovative storage solutions like built-in furniture and multi-functional pieces can declutter small spaces efficiently.
  • Maximizing vertical space with ceiling-reaching cabinets or shelves makes full use of room height.
  • Adopting a minimalist aesthetic with limited, streamlined furniture and natural colors creates a spacious, organized environment.
  • Thoughtful furniture placement establishes functional zones and openness, promoting a sense of increased space.

Small or cramped spaces can feel confining, inhibiting, and not the ideal relaxing space. Modern design trends often center around creating the illusion of space to offer homeowners a more comfortable, open, and inviting area. When you have limited square footage, a renovation can work wonders when it comes to freeing up space, increasing functionality and light, and improving the home’s overall ambiance. This blog post offers a variety of tips and tricks for modernizing and renovating your home to give the impression of more space!

Work with Light

Maximizing light in a room creates the illusion of space, so the less obstructed your windows are, the better. Don’t cover your windows with bulky curtains; opt for a lightweight sheer curtain or window treatments that stack back neatly to let in natural light. You can also install larger windows or skylights to allow as much natural light as possible.

You can also introduce natural light and ventilation with a modern flat roof light. Rooflights or skylights are great solutions for adding natural lighting to dark spaces, and they give a wide variety of options to fit the design style you’re looking for. Some roof lights even come with handy automation, which can open and close the roof light depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight received.

A skylight over a big white bed

Storage Solutions

Storage clutter is often a common issue that can make a small room feel claustrophobic and unwelcoming. When renovating your home, incorporate storage solutions. Here are some ideas:

Install built-in shelves or cabinets

Many homeowners opt for built-in shelves and cabinets to add extra storage while avoiding the bulky look of standalone furniture pieces. Built-ins can be customized to fit any wall space, providing efficient storage solutions without taking up too much space.

Use a sofa bed or Murphy bed

A sofa bed or Murphy bed is perfect for those who don’t have much room to spare. These beds can be put away during the day, allowing you to reclaim your living space while still having a comfortable sleeping area for guests or family.

Incorporate multi-functional furniture

Different furniture pieces can serve multiple purposes. For example, ottomans with storage space can be used for seating and storing blankets and books. This type of furniture is a great option if you want to save some room while still having the functionality you need.

Hang items up on the walls

A great way to add storage without cluttering up a small space is by hanging decorative pieces on the wall. Wall-mounted shelves, racks, and coat hooks are excellent options for creating stylish, organized storage solutions.

Maximize Vertical Space

Making the most of the height in a room can free up floor space. One great way to do this is by using shelves and cabinets reaching up to the ceiling. This allows you to make use of vertical space while adding visual interest. Some modern designs even use the height of the walls to create exciting shelving and display solutions. For example, shallow shelves can be installed on the wall to show off your favorite trinkets and frames without wasting too much space.

A minimalist white room

Go Minimalist

Generally speaking, the more clutter in a room, the smaller it looks. This is due to visual noise and can overcomplicate an already small space. Minimizing your materials and decorative elements can help to create a clean and spacious area that feels well-organized. Try to keep your furniture to a minimum to free up floor space and avoid heavy and bulky items that can disrupt the line of sight. Natural color schemes also tend to have calming effects and help to create a minimalist environment.

Furniture Placement

Lastly, your furniture placement can also contribute to the overall illusion of space in a room. Careful placement can create the appearance of openness and flow to the space. Avoid pushing furniture up against the walls; instead, try to create zones in the room where you have a clear idea of what belongs in each area, with plenty of space between each functional zone. Also, consider furniture that can serve multiple purposes, like an ottoman that doubles as storage.

Limited space should never hinder achieving an elegant and spacious-looking home. Renovating your home to create the illusion of space can help open up your space without compromising your design style. From maximizing light to furniture placement, plenty of ways exist to create the illusion of space in your home! So, don’t be afraid to try them out and transform your home into a modern and stylish one!

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