Suggestions for Effective Gym Marketing

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If you are managing a gym, you’d likely be competing with other local gyms for subscribers and clients. It’s also likely that the gyms you would be competing with would have the same target demographic as you do. To make your brand stand out, you need a great marketing plan.

To help you with that, here are some ideas.

Digital marketing

Since audience reach is broader and engagement is a lot easier online, using digital means to market your business has almost become necessary. So here are some ideas for your gym’s marketing over the Internet.

  • Rewards for check-ins. Your business can be more visible online if a lot of people check in at your location. On Facebook, for example, you can entice potential customers by offering a free week of membership for first-time check ins. You just have to make sure that they sign up once the free membership period is over.
  • YouTube workout videos. Film instructional videos in your gym for technical workouts and movements, then edit them to include your gym’s name and contact details. Finally, upload them to a YouTube channel made for your gym. These are not only educational, but would function as advertising for your business as well.
  • Free passes for Google Reviews. You would want your gym to get as close as possible to a 5-star rating when people look it up on Google. For this, consider granting rewards to members and guests who post positive Google Reviews.


Good old promos are a tried-and-tested method to attract customers. Here are some fitness promo ideas for you to consider, and do not forget to post them online as well:

  • Summer promo. With summer just around the corner, almost everyone is vying to get that beach body. You might want to take advantage of this by designing a program for weight loss that should be completed by around June or July.
  • Gym anniversary promo. Consider hosting a flash promo for the anniversary day of your gym. Offer discounts, unique programs, and special deals on your big day, which could attract guests and convince them to sign up.
  • Weight loss challenge. A lot of gym-goers are there to shed weight, so it would be great to bank on this by opening a weight-loss challenge to everyone. You can even offer incentives for top performers.


Group activity in gym

Having permanent programs unique to your gym could give you an edge over competitors. Here are some suggestions for these programs.

  • Member referral. Get gym members to help in expanding your business by having a referral program. If a member refers their friend or colleague, you can give them incentives once their referral becomes a member.
  • Corporate membership competition. If you have multiple companies working out at your gym, you can set up a point system for them to compete over (points can be accumulated by measuring weight loss, collective workout time, number of members, etc) and award gym incentives to the winning company.

These are only general suggestions which you can take to form marketing strategies that are especially made for your business. For a more granular approach, consult with gym marketing services specialists who can give you top-notch marketing advice specifically for your industry.

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