Five Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Senior Employees

A senior manager at work
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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you want your company to be the best it can be. That means attracting and retaining top talent. When it comes to your senior employees, those who have been with the company for many years, it’s essential to show them that they are valued, team members.

About 20% of the senior population, or those about to reach seniority, are in the workforce. These employees are more essential than you think; if you have some in your company, you should do your best to take care of them. Here are five reasons why you should take care of your senior employees.

Valuable Experience

Your senior employees have a wealth of experience that can be invaluable to your company. They’ve seen the ups and downs, know what works and doesn’t, and can provide guidance and mentorship to younger employees. When you take care of your senior employees, you’re taking care of that valuable experience and ensuring that it stays within the company.

Loyal Employees

Loyalty is hard to come by, as the median employee tenure reaches only about four years. However, your senior employees have it in spades. They’ve stuck with the company through thick and thin, and they’re not going anywhere. Taking care of your senior employees shows them that their loyalty is appreciated and respected. This, in turn, will only make them more loyal to the company.

They Deserve It!

Your senior employees have dedicated many years of their lives to your company. They’ve sacrificed their time, energy, and sometimes even their health for the sake of the business. So it’s only fair that you take care of them in return. After all, they’ve earned it!

It’s Good for Business

It’s not just your senior employees who benefit when you take care of them—it’s good for business, too. Happy employees are productive employees, and when your senior staff is satisfied and taken care of, they’ll work harder than ever to ensure the company succeeds. Plus, good employee retention rates save you money in the long run by reducing turnover costs.

Positive Example

If you want your company to be known as a great workplace where people are appreciated and valued, then you need to set an example yourself. When you take care of your senior employees, you’re sending a clear message that this is a company that values its people—and that’s a message that will resonate with all your employees, from top to bottom.

Taking care of your senior employees is good for business— plain and simple. By showing them that they are valued members of the team, you’re not only making them happy but also increasing productivity. But how can you make them feel appreciated at work? Here are five options you can do.

A dental service providing benefits to a senior

Dental Benefits

Seniors start to develop dental problems once they reach the age of 50, and dental coverage can be expensive. Offering dental benefits to your senior employees shows them that you are investing in their health and well-being. Here are three dental benefits you should offer to them.


Most seniors have lost their teeth once they’ve reached 60 years old. Offering implant dentistry services shows that you value their appearance and self-confidence. In addition, the service can replace any teeth they might have lost. This can then improve their overall quality of life.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges can help improve the function and appearance of a senior’s teeth, showing them that you care about their overall health.

Periodontal treatment

Gum disease is common in seniors, but offering periodontal treatment shows that you are invested in their oral health.

Retirement Planning Assistance

Many seniors are planning for retirement, so offering assistance with retirement planning can ease some stress for them. This also shows them that you are invested in their future and want to set them up for success after they retire from your company.

Flexible Scheduling Options

As people age, they may have medical appointments or family obligations requiring a flexible schedule. Flexible scheduling options show senior employees that you understand and value their outside commitments.

Discounted Gym Membership

Physical activity is crucial for seniors to maintain good health, so offering discounted gym memberships can encourage them to stay active and improve their overall well-being. This also shows that you care about their physical health and want them to live long and healthy life.

Share of the Company

If your senior employees have been with the company for many years, offering them shares of the company shows them that they are actual stakeholders and valued team members. This can also incentivize them to continue working hard for the organization’s success.

Taking care of your senior employees is not just the right thing to do— it’s also beneficial for your business. Showing them that they are valued team members will increase morale and boost productivity, ultimately leading to your company’s and senior employees’ success.

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