Taking Care of Your Skin When Traveling

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You are traveling to a summer paradise, a winter destination, or a highly populated and polluted city, and your skin is the least of your worries. Aware that you have your travel-size facial wash thinking you’re ready to go, you miss one of the most important parts of your travel.

The concept of traveling as a form of self-care

Different people see travel with varying points of view. Some look at the activity as a form of exercising one’s freedom. Others view it as a form of getting away from their daily lives, some use it as a learning opportunity, and some use it to know more about themselves and the people they meet along the way. But there is one view that is agreeable to all types of travelers—the activity is a form of caring for the self.

Taking care of one’s mental and emotional well-being is one of travel’s core values. People who travel look to the activity as a form of healing from the fatigue the real world puts on them. They fly to the other side of the world, to a country that is the opposite of what they call home, and forget everything even for a bit of time.

Does self-care during travel end with looking out for our mental and physical well-being?

No matter how traveling emphasizes its healing powers when it comes to a person engaging in travel’s mind and soul, those aren’t the only parts of that person that’s with them when they traverse foreign lands.

Travelers also need to look out for their physical health. It may be through watching what they eat, especially when they’re not used to the local cuisine of the place they’re visiting. It can cause discomfort that will lead to unfulfilling travel or, worse, hospitalization in a place where their loved ones can’t look after them.

Another underrated part of self-care during travel is skincare. A traveler goes from a country will low temperatures to a country with high temperatures and spends most of their time outside. The sudden temperature change can affect the skin negatively for a few hours, depending on skin type.

Spending time under the sun for prolonged periods causes the skin to show signs of aging earlier than normal. The signs of skin aging brought about by the sun are the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Tight-looking and tight-feeling skin
  • Visible dark spots


One may not have care of their skin as their top priority during travel, thinking it can be done when they get home, but that shouldn’t be the case. Taking care of the skin during overseas travels is as easy as packing your skincare products with you—your facial wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

If you’re into simple skincare regimens,those three products should be included in your skincare arsenal. You can include some serums and essential oils for additional benefits—that’s completely up to you. Using these products on- and off-travel will give you all the basic protection you need.

But if you’re into having your skin taken care of by professionals, getting a biofiller kit is a good choice when you’re frequently on-the-go. The post-procedure downtime is short, and you can get out and enjoy the outside world in no time.

Skincare has been gaining momentum in recent years due to the growing popularity of the concept of self-care in social media. There’s nothing bad about the trend—it encourages people to take care of themselves inside and out. It’s a trend that promotes putting one self’s needs before others’, as the way things should be. This applies in traveling and skincare, including activities people consider a form of healing.

A conclusion on skincare during travels

Traveling should be fun and free of problems. A way to ensure it stays that way is to prepare the stuff you know you’ll need during. Your identification, your sunscreen, and, most of all, your intentions of having the best time of your life!

Skincare isn’t much work if you look at the most basic routines. It won’t take more than half an hour to slather on your facial wash, rinse, put on your moisturizer, and slap on sun protection. Doing so is easier than having to go to the doctor to get potential skin problems taken care of. Skincare is cheap—if you want it to be. It’s not difficult to scout for affordable products and procedures that will help you feel and look good. When looking for the products suitable for you, dermatologists and the internet are your best friends.

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