The Best Businesses to Start and Continue in the Pandemic

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Nobody knew that this pandemic would happen in 2020, although quite a few may have thought that it would be bad for businesses. With everything being closed, businesses weren’t spared, and many people were displaced from their work because of this.

Not everything is bad, though, because a few businesses have managed to stay strong despite the COVID-19 lockdowns. The secret to their success appears to be in their businesses’ very nature — these small enterprises seem to be proofed against the pandemic. They’re small businesses that offer services like acupuncture treatment, but not quite. They’re something else.

Some of you may already have an idea of what business will work under the lockdowns. However, here are some of them that have managed to stay strong.

Online Shopping / Delivery Services

Everyone is encouraged to stay at home during these times to stop the spread of the virus. If you can’t make the trip to the mall or the restaurant, why not make them come to you? Most services have figured out that their services don’t stop because people can’t come to them. That’s why they managed to offer services online.

Aside from that, delivery services got an unexpected boost. Most of them are partnered with online restaurants and stores, which is why they’re also thriving as deliveries are at an all-time high.

Grocery Stores / Food

Aside from other services, food is one of those which are particularly thriving even right now. With you and many other people encouraged to stay at home and practice physical distancing, the only solution most have for getting a restaurant-cooked meal is to have it delivered or to have it delivered raw.

Some people prefer to cook their food. They can have these sent from the market and right to their kitchens.

Safety Equipment / Masks, Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers and face masks suddenly became big business as well. Retailers who had stocks of these sitting suddenly found themselves inundated with orders upon orders until their stocks suddenly ran out. Even the manufacturers of these materials were suddenly besieged with orders for more inventory.

These are big right now because of the protection that they offer, especially the hand sanitizer. People are encouraged to sanitize whenever they can. That’s why even restaurants and other establishments have been buying these in bulk.

Medical Facilities / Patient Care


Some of these are basically hospitals, but most clinics have been operating big because they have much-needed services. If you’re one of those who’ve managed to start a business in the medical field (possibly because you’ve studied to become a medical practitioner yourself), then you’re not just running a business right now – you’re also running a priceless service.

Virtual Offices / Office Boards

Some companies have closed during the pandemic because they have no idea how to transition to the digital office, but many have managed this tricky transition. It’s one of the fastest-growing sectors right now, and it works because it doesn’t require face-to-face transactions.

With people looking for jobs because they’ve lost them, virtual job boards are also big at this time. You can reach out to offices or virtual companies looking for workers and connect them to people who have lost their jobs. That is another service.

There’s no need to go out of home unless you need to. There’s also no reason why you can’t run a business out of your home – all of what we’ve listed here works fine in an office or home setting. All you need to bring to run these are your wits, know-how, and the will to continue despite the pandemic.

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