The Pandemic in a Peep: How Has It Affected Marketing?

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The COVID-19 changed our lives severely, from our daily routines to how we see things. It will take some time for all of us to get back on our feet, but some people have resorted to starting up small businesses. For businesses to survive during the pandemic, they will have to focus on ways on how they should make their approach with the consumers through marketing.


How important is marketing?


Marketing is especially important when starting up a business especially during the pandemic, same with well-established businesses to cope with the new normal. Many businesses have reached their all-time low and can be very slow but with the right marketing knowledge, they can find new ways to promote their product and have an edge over their competitors, also improve their cash flow.


Here are five marketing tips that new and old businesses should consider


1. Social Media Presence



People are bored during the pandemic and are heavily relying on their phones to cope with the boredom. Some chose to be more active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For business owners, this will be a good way to promote your businesses by making an account or a page. By making an account, you can further promote your business by posting pictures, informational posts, videos, customer reviews to gain their trust or even hold an event online to boost up your popularity.


You can also put out your location, website, and how they can contact your business without the need for social media. This can also make consumers know that your business exists and make it feel more approachable. You can also reach new customers by posting ads using social media platforms. This can also expand your business to a whole new level.


2. Online Shopping


Besides the use of social media platforms, you can also utilize online shopping platforms such as Amazon and eBay. People nowadays are scared of going out and have found convenience in online shopping. They like the idea that they can search for the items they want using the search engines given. From price ranges to the types of items, with a flick of the finger, they can find what they are looking for.


Business owners can take this as an advantage by posting their items using the applications. They can specify the items clearly and in detail, post pictures of the product, and people can also see what else you can offer. If you don’t want to use applications, you can also create a website for your business to boost your sales. You can also put out a survey at the end of the purchase phase so you can know what your customers want and need. It makes it easy for business owners to handle orders without the hassle of interacting with customers directly and efficiently.


3. Delivery Services


Complimenting social media and online shopping, you can offer delivery services to your potential consumers. This makes it easy and safe for consumers during the pandemic. It also minimizes physical interactions which is something that is we’ve been avoiding amidst the pandemic. By offering delivery services, you can also have customers outside of your range, domestic and internationally. This makes your business more efficient and hassle-free, maximizing your employee’s time and effort.


4. Deals or Special Offers


During the pandemic, some people have been thinking about their monthly budget more. Money is very hard to achieve these days. So it is time to bust out promotional deals and offers to encourage customers that your products are affordable and budget-friendly. You can do flash sales, buy-one-take-one promos, free shipping, loyalty points, coupon giveaways, or competitions online which makes buying so tempting. This also encourages consumers to buy more from you and to talk about your business to people they know. With these, you can squeeze in your products with their tight budget.


5. Partnering up and Co-branding


The pandemic has thought most of us to help each other, this also includes businesses. You can collaborate with another business; this puts both businesses at an advantage where it is both new and innovative. It can encourage consumers to try out your products.


For example, a fruit juice business franchise collaborates with a small burger joint which compliments both products and a new experience for loyal customers. This is a win-win situation for both businesses and if you are lucky enough, both of your businesses might attract investors who are willing to franchise and expand it more throughout different locations.

The world of marketing has always been tight with the competition. It is even more competitive with businesses trying to keep themselves afloat. Having a marketing tactic ready for all occasions can help you gain a competitive advantage.

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