Things to Keep in Mind When Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Biz

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Running a small business can be stressful despite its size. For one, the stress comes from the pressure that you need to reach a certain quota or make it big within a given time period. Obviously, there are many ways to achieve that, but most of the time, decision-makers just focus on operations and sales. However, you need to remember that building a strong relationship with your customers will eventually give you a great yield

If you want to build a harmonious relationship with your target audience, social media marketing should part of your promotional efforts. But if developing a strategy seems new to you, consider this article as your simple guide. Whether you’re running a successful home care business franchise or a small bakeshop, here are some of the pointers you need to keep in mind:

Choosing the platform

Making a social media strategy will be useless if you do not have a platform where you can disseminate information. You need to remember that each platform has a distinct purpose. For instance, Facebook is perfect for the general audience. But if you want to reach more millennials and Gen Z members, Instagram and Twitter should be included in your plan. If you want to find prospective talents and business partners, LinkedIn is a great option.

Developing the content

content marketing planningThe content that you will post on your social media channels should not just be informative. It should also be fun, engaging, and share-worthy — after all, your goal is to generate buzz around your brand. This is where you can work with digital marketing or advertising agency. However, make sure that the content you will develop suits your brand image and the platform you are using. For instance, memes may be awkwardly received on LinkedIn, knowing that it is a social network for professionals and businesspeople. Your content may also come in many different forms, such as videos, infographics, and still images.

Plan the calendar

One of the goals that you must have is to retain your customers. And you cannot retain them if you’re oversharing content. Customers will be annoyed if you’ve been posting more than twice per day, and this will result in a dropping engagement rate. Manage your post frequency effectively by coming up with a social media calendar. This should be based on the data that your analytics and insights team has collected.

Measure success

When it comes to social media marketing, success comes in many different forms. It could be a rise in the number of followers. It could be a high engagement rate. Or it could be an increase in sales. You need to determine the kind of success you want to achieve. When you have that goal in your mind, measuring the effectiveness of your campaign will be much easier to gauge.

Social media marketing may be tricky for small businesses that are just starting to navigate this method. However, you can always make things much easier by working with a reliable digital team. You can either hire a third party or have your team members undergo training.

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